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Magic will let your wizards cast a variety of spells, giving temporary bonuses, information or damaging your enemies.

All spells cost mana, which is produced by towers. The cost of each spell is based on a multiplier of your land size.

Self Spells[edit]

Self-spells last for 12 hours and can't be cast on other dominions. You can recast these once there are less than 12 hours remaining on the duration.

Spell Cost Multiplier Effect Notes
Ares' Call 2.5x +10% defensive power
Gaia's Watch 2x +10% food production
Harmony 2.5x +50% population growth rate Vital during protection
Midas Touch 2.5x +10% platinum production Should be always active
Mining Strength 2x +10% ore production
Fools Gold 5x Prevents platinum theft for 10 hours. Can only be cast once every 20 hours.
Surreal Perception 3x Reveals the name of dominions performing any ops on you.
Energy Mirror 4.5x All successful spells cast at your Dominion have a 30% chance of being reflected back to the caster.

Offensive Spells[edit]

Spell Cost Multiplier Effect Notes
Clear Sight 0.5x Gives you an overview of the target dominion in the form of their Status screen.
Revelation 1x Shows spells currently affecting the target dominion.
Clairvoyance 1.2x Reveals the target's realm's Town Crier. Currently not enabled due to Town Crier.
Vision 0.5x Reveals the target dominion's techs and heroes, if any.
Plague 3x Slows population growth rate by 50% (inverse of Harmony). This is a non-war black op.
Insect Swarm 3x Slows food production by 15%. This is a non-war black op.
Great Flood 3x Slows boat production by 25%. This is a non-war black op.
Earthquake 3x Slows ore and gem production by 5%. This is a non-war black op.
Fireball 3x Kills 2.65% of peasants and destroys food. This is a war-only black op.
Lightning Bolt 3.5x Damages castle by destroying 0.40% of resources invested in keep, forges, and walls. This is a war-only black op.
Disband Spies 4.3x Turns 1.5% of the target's spies into draftees. This is a war-only black op.
Cyclone 3x Damages Wonders Damage formula (1.5 * min(Wizards, Acres)) but capped at 0.75% of max wonder HP (can not fail this operation)

Racial Spells[edit]

Each race has access to one racial spell. All spells have a 5x cost multiplier.

Spell Race Effect Notes
Alchemist's Flame Firewalker Increases alchemy production by 15 platinum
Blizzard Icekin +15% defensive power Not cumulative with Ares' Call
Bloodrage Orc +10 % offensive power, +10 % offensive casualties
Crusade Human and Nomad +5% offensive power, allows you to kill Spirit and Undead units
Defensive Frenzy Halfling +20% defensive power Not cumulative with Ares' Call
Erosion Lizardfolk and Merfolk 20% of captured land automatically re-zoned into water
Gaia's Blessing Wood Elf +20 % food production and +10 % lumber production Not cumulative with Gaia's Watch
Howling Kobold +10 % offensive power and +10 % defensive power Not cumulative with Ares' Call
Killing Rage Goblin +10% offensive power
Miner's Sight Dwarf and Gnome +20% ore production Not cumulative with Mining Strength
Nightfall Nox +5 % offensive power
Parasitic Hunger Lycanthrope, Spirit and Undead +50 % conversion rate
Regeneration Troll Reduces combat losses by 25%
Unholy Ghost Dark Elf Enemy draftees do not participate in battle
Verdant Bloom Sylvan 35% of captured land re-zoned into forest (in addition to initial forest captured)


The wizard ratio or Wizards Per Acre (WPA) is an important factor in the success of offensive spells. If your WPA is higher than that of your target, you are more likely to successfully cast spells on them. Each archmage counts as 2 wizards.

WPA = ((Wizards + (2 * Archmages))*(1 + [Wizard Power Bonus])) / Land

Wizard races (Sylvan and Dark Elf) naturally have higher wizard ratios because their defensive elite units count as partial wizards.

Because their elite offensive units rely on a high WPA, Icekin attackers must have a very high WPA.

For other races, a WPA of 0.3 to 0.6 is normally sufficient for info-ops, but results will vary depending on targets.

Wizard Strength[edit]

Wizard strength starts at 100% and decreases with every spell cast (including self-spells). Information ops decrease your wizard strength by 2% while self spells and offensive spells decrease your strength by 5%. Wizard strength refreshes by 4% every hour but this can be increased with Wizard Guilds and techs. No spells may be cast if your wizard strength is below 30%.


The chance of success is determined through one of three formulas. See Formula page for details.

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