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Ops can refer to more than one subject.

Ops is a term that refers to operations taken by spies and wizards.

  • Espionage (spy-ops)
    • Information gathering ops (info-ops): spy operations to gather information about other dominions.
    • Offensive operations (black-ops): spy operations used to damage other dominions.
  • Magic (spells, rarely used term wiz-ops)
    • Information gathering spells (info-ops, although the term is mostly only used to refer to the espionage variant): spells cast to obtain information about other dominions and realms.
    • Offensive operations (black-ops): spells cast to cause damage to other dominions.


There are two formulas which determine the chance of success for ops.

Info Ops

0.8^(2/((Your Ratio / Defender Ratio) * 1.4)^2))

Black Ops

0.8^(2/((Your Ratio / Defender Ratio) * 1.2)^1.2))

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