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Wonders of the world provide bonuses to all dominions in the controlling realm and are acquired by destroying and rebuilding them. They are categorized into two tiers based on their bonuses with tier 1 generally referring to stronger wonders.

Wonder Discovery and HP[edit]

The first wave of wonders will appear at the start of the round with a starting power of 150,000 for tier 1 and 75,000 for tier 2.

An additional wonder will appear every 48 hours beginning on day 6 with a starting power dependent on the wonder tier.

Once rebuilt, wonder power depends on the damage dealt to it by your realm and time into the round given as:

Wonder HP will then be rounded down to the nearest 10,000 HP

The total number of wonders that will be discovered and appear in any given round is a max of 40% of the number of active realms. If there are 29 realms, 12 wonders would spawn as per

Attacking and Destroying Wonders[edit]

When attacking wonders, your offense is unmodded (except by morale) and always suffers 3.5% casualties regardless of any casualty modifiers (including immortal units). The only exception is Gnome Suicide Squads, which always suffer 50% casualties.

The spell Cyclone can also be used to damage a wonder. Cyclone damage is capped at 1 WPA and can only deal a maximum of 0.75% of a wonders base HP. Unlike other targeted spells, Cyclone cannot be repelled. Cyclone deals damage as given by

where WPA is capped at 1.0 for purposes of damage calculations.

When attacking a neutral wonder, the damage is doubled but still capped at 0.75% of the wonder's base HP.

If a dominion on 2,000 acres with 0.5 WPA casts cyclone on a 250,000 HP wonder, that dominion will deal damage of

while a dominion running 0.75 WPA on the same land and casting on the same wonder will deal

Wonder Prestige[edit]

Each dominion that participates in destroying a wonder that is controlled by another realm is awarded prestige.

Prestige is only awarded via troop damage to individual dominions as per

To be eligible for prestige, a dominion must deal at least 2% of the realm's total damage to the wonder. Prestige gain is capped at 75, which means that max prestige gain occurs at 20% damage contribution. Sending more will not increase prestige gains.

Cyclone damage does not award prestige.

The Wonders[edit]

Wonder Bonus
Tier 1
Ancient Library +10% Castle bonuses
Factory of Legends -25% Construction platinum cost
Fountain of Youth +2.5% maximum population
Gnomish Mining Machine +10% Ore Production
Golden Throne +25% attacking prestige gains
Halls of Knowledge 100 RP per hour production for entire realm
Horn of Plenty +2% platinum production, +2% food production, +2% gem production, +2% lumber production, +2% mana production, +2% ore production
Ruby Monolith +7.5% fewer casualties on offense, +7.5% fewer casualties on defense
School of War +5 barracks housing
Tier 2
Great Market +10% Employment, +20% Bank exchange rates
Great Oracle -15% Cost of spells, +30% Wizard power
Guild of Shadows +25% spy power, -15% spy losses on failed operations
Hanging Gardens +20% food production
High Clerics Tower Can kill all immortal units
Imperial Armada Boats cannot be sabotaged, -1% platinum tax from Royal Guard
Ivory Tower +50% chance of causing hostile spells to fail
Onyx Mausoleum +25% offensive casualties against this realm
Spire of Illusion Clear sights against this realm are only +85% accurate
Underground Society +50% chance of causing hostile spy operations to fail
Wizard Academy -50% hostile spell damage