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Prestige is an incentive for attackers.

All dominions start with 250 prestige.

Prestige Bonus

Type Multiplicative Additive
Offensive power No Yes
Food production Yes No
Population Yes No


Prestige/100=x% bonus


If you have 0% population modifiers you will still get the prestige bonus.

For example, if you have 250 prestige and no other population bonuses you would get +2.5% max population:


Gaining Prestige

Prestige is gained by invading other dominions which are at least 75% your land size.


The standard formula for prestige gain is:

20+([Target's Prestige]*[Land Ratio]/10)

Prestige gain can not be greater than 10% of your current prestige.

Your total prestige cannot be greater than your land size.

Prestige gains are added to your prestige when the last units return. If you only send units which return in 9 hours, your prestige will be added after 9 hours. But if you also send units with a longer return time, prestige will be added when those units return.

Losing Prestige

Prestige can be lost in the following ways:

  • Being successfully invaded (5% prestige loss).
  • Invading a target that has recently been hit multiple times (this may instead result in smaller prestige gains, depending on how any times the target has been hit).
      • Note 1: There is actually a time span given between the hits, that resets the hit count after a certain time (between 12-24 hours).
      • Note 2: Bounces do not count into those hits. For example, if a dominion got hit three times but one of which is a bounce, hitting it the 4th time still yields positive prestige.

Prestige losses are instant.

Action Modifier Based on your prestige gain Based on your current prestige
1st 75% Yes No
2nd 50% Yes No
3rd 25% Yes No
4th -25% Yes No
5th =< -50% Yes No
Overwhelmed bounce -5% No Yes