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Buildings are the backbone of your dominion and provide you with production and various bonuses.

All constructed buildings except for Homes and Barracks provide 20 jobs and which are automatically filled by unemployed peasants. During construction all buildings provide 15 population. All constructed buildings except for Homes and Barracks provide 15 raw population. See population for explanation on the difference between raw and modified population.

Buildings can only be constructed on acres of barren land. Buildings cost platinum and lumber, and require 1 acre of barren land. The cost in platinum and lumber increases depending on your total land size.

Each building can only be built on a specific land type. The land type for each building is always the same, except for Homes, which depends on your race.

All buildings take 12 hours to build. You can instantly destroy buildings.


Building Land Type Description
Home Race Specific Houses 30 people.
Diamond Mine Cavern Produces 15 gems per hour.
School Cavern Produces (1 - (Schools / Total Land)) research points per hour (minimum of 0.5). Production is capped if Schools exceed 50% of Total Land.
Lumberyard Forest Produces 50 lumber per hour.
Barracks Hill Houses 36 trained or training military units. Does not increase capacity as other buildings do for population bonuses. Can be increased with the Bunk Beds technology and School of War wonder
Factory Hill Reduces building construction costs and rezoning costs by 5% per 1% owned, up to a maximum of 50% bonus at 10% owned.

Employs 25 peasants instead of 20.

Guard Tower Hill Increases Defensive Power by 1.75 * (Guard Towers / Total Land)% to a maximum of 35% bonus at 20% owned.
Shrine Hill Increases Hero experience gain by 2% per 1% owned, up to a maximum of 20% at 10% owned. Also increases hero bonus by 50% per 1% owned, up to a maximum of 500% at 10% owned.
Gryphon Nest Mountain Increases Offensive Power by 1.75 * (Gryphon Nests / Total Land)% to a maximum of 35% bonus at 20% owned.
Ore Mine Mountain Produces 60 ore per hour.
Alchemy Plain Produces 45 platinum per hour.
Farms Plain Produces 80 bushels of food per hour.

Each peasant, draftee, and military unit eats 0.25 bushels of food every hour.

Masonry Plain Increases ALL Castle Bonuses by 2.6 * (Masonries / Total Land)%, no maximum
Smithy Plain Reduces Military Unit costs (except Wizards, ArchMages, and Spies) by 2 * (Smithies / Total Land)% to a maximum of 36% bonus at 18% owned.

Ore costs are affected for all races but the Gnomes. Platinum costs affected for all races.

Temple Swamp Increases population growth rate by 6 * (Temples / Total Land)%

Reduces defensive bonuses of a target dominion during invasion by 1.5 * (Temples / Total Land)% to a minimum of 0% defensive bonus (maximum reduction 25% at 16.67% owned)

Tower Swamp Produces 25 mana per hour.
Guild Swamp Spy, Assassin, Wizard, and Archmage training costs reduced by 3.5% per 1% owned, up to a maximum of 35% at 10% owned.

Spy Strength and Wizard Strength refresh rate increased by 0.1% per 1% owned, up to a maximum of 1% at 10% owned.

Losses on failed black ops reduced by 2.5% per 1% owned, up to a maximum of 25% at 10% owned.

Dock Water Produces 1 boat every 20 hours on average, produces 40 bushels of food per hour and each dock prevents 2.25 + [0.05 x daysInRound] of your boats from being sunk.


Constructing buildings costs platinum and lumber. The formulas are below.

Acres gained by Invading someone 75% or larger will be discounted. The discount starts at 50%. After Day 25, the discount grows by 2% each day until a maximum of 70% reduction is reached on Day 35. In addition, if you are invaded, lost buildings will give you the same discount. As of Round 18, these discounts do not stack.

Platinum cost[edit]

(ExploredAcres - 250)*1.25 + 850 + ConqueredAcres

Lumber cost[edit]

(ExploreAcres-250)*0.285 + 87.5 + ConqueredAcres/4.25

Bonuses from factories, techs, wonders, etc, are added together, to a maximum of -75%, before multiplying these cost formulas.

Destroy Building[edit]

You can destroy buildings by going to the Destroy Buildings page.

Destroying a building is immediate and frees up one acre of the corresponding land type.

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