Spirit (Legacy)

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Aliases: SPUD, SP
Introduced: Round 14
Round Wins: 2
Attacker: Beginner
Explorer: Intermediate
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Good
Land type: Swamp
Scribes: [1]

Spirit (Legacy) were a fast/medium speed race that is more or less the same as Undead. The major difference is that Spirit belongs to the Good alignment and Undead to the Evil alignment. These two races always seem to have the most people playing them round after round, probably because SPUD is one of the most unique races in dominion. All of their troops are immortal (in most circumstances) and when they attack they can convert the enemy's casualties into more of their own units. The basic idea of attacking with SPUD is to hit in the proper range as often as possible using elite OP in order to generate free elite DP units for your dominion. Because they are a fast/medium speed race, it is recommended to have started building Guard Towers by mid-round. Spirit were originally introduced into OpenDominion for Round 14 and were removed from the race rotation for Round 15 but returned in Round 17. A mew Spirit based on the old Dark Elf (Legacy) race was introduced in Round 26.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Max Population: +12.5%
  • Food Consumption: -80%
  • Wizards: Immortal

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Phantom 2.5 0 225 0 Almost never dies. Flight (no need for boats)
Banshee 0 2.5 225 0 Almost never dies
Ghost 2 4 880 0 Almost Never Dies. On successful attacks, converts some enemy casualties into Phantoms/Banshees. Flight (no need for boats)
Spectre 4 3 1000 0 Almost Never Dies. On successful attacks 50-65% your size, converts some enemy casualties into Phantoms/Banshees; 65% and above, converts into Ghosts. Flight (no need for boats)

General Info[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Parasitic Hunger: +50% conversion rate.


  • Undying units
  • Converts enemy casualties on attack (this is the best unit ability that exists within Dominion)
  • No ore cost, no boats needed, very few farms needed - lots of extra room for homes and mods
  • Population bonus
  • Great turtle
  • Can be a very fun race


  • Very inefficient
  • Very expensive
  • Units can be killed upon attack by Human/Nomad, or in attacks that fail by more than 85%
  • Hard to hit often while keeping enough DP home
  • Requires a lot of time for target searching in order to keep hitting

See also[edit]

  • Undead: Spirit's evil-aligned counterpart.