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Aliases: Merf
Introduced: Round 14
Round Wins: 2
Attacker: Beginner
Explorer: Beginner
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Good
Land type: Water
Scribes: [1]

Merfolk is a good race of Dominion. It is suitable for all players and almost all playing styles. Most veterans agree on an all-elite DP strategy combined with a mix of spec and elite OP (check Fast attacking).

Merfolks can not only be great explorers with their efficient DP, but also decently quick attackers with their cheap OP.

The lack of demand for boats and zero ore cost on all units frees up a lot of space offering a large variety of strategies. As explorers, it is a great chance to execute a high Diamond Mine + Masonry strategy. Merfolks can be played as very fast attackers (mostly concentrating on mod-buildings and Barracks) or slow attackers (using high Diamond Mines). The inefficient OP troops, however, force you to focus on 75% hits rather than training scary OP in order to keep others home. This is also the reason why they make poor converters. The amount of OP troops that you need to make your first attack after conversion usually kills your economy unless you manage to stay ahead of everyone else and make use of your speed.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Lumber Production: -15%
  • Food Production: +5%
  • Offensive Power: +5%
  • Exploration Platinum cost: +2.5%

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Mermen 3 0 275 0 No boats needed
Sirens 0 3 300 0
Leviathan 0 7 1350 0 Sinks boats when defending
Kraken 4 2 600 0 No boats needed, sinks boats when attacking

General information[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Erosion: 20% of captured land automatically re-zoned into water.

The spell is not often used. But if you can spare the mana, it saves some rezoning costs if you want to build homes.


  • Most efficient DP in the game
  • Cheap OP
  • No ore cost
  • No boats needed
  • Can be very fast
  • Space for mods
  • Great turtle if using all Kraken for OP


  • Expensive DP
  • Inefficient OP
  • High demand of weak OP elites kills your population, therefore makes them poor converters.
  • Unless on top they slow down late-round
  • Spell is rather useless (unless used late-round when rezone costs are high)