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Aliases: Hum, hummie
Introduced: Round 1
Round Wins: 0
Attacker: Beginner
Explorer: Beginner
Converter: Beginner
Alignment: Good
Land type: Plains
Scribes: [1]

Human and Nomad are considered the two standard races in the game. For most purposes they are identical, the main difference being that Humans are good and Nomads are evil. They are suited for all types of players and playstyles as their efficiency allows success to be achieved even with mistakes made over a round. Human and Nomad are generally regarded as a good choice to begin learning to understand the basics of the game for new players. Nomad were removed from the race rotation for Round 15.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Food Production: +5%

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Spearmen 3 0 275 25
Archer 0 3 275 15
Knight 2 6 1025 75 -25% casualties
Cavalry 6 3 1250 100 Returns 3 hours faster from battle

General Info[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Crusade: Gives 5% attack strength bonus, and allows you to kill Spirit & Undead.

Compared to for example Goblin which get +10% attack strength, Crusade is an expensive spell due to only giving +5%. However, every bit counts and you should be casting it if you are attacking.


  • Efficient OP and DP
  • 9hr return Elite OP
  • Diverse strategies
  • Quite forgiving when making mistakes
  • OP spell


  • Expensive OP makes it hard to attack every 9 hours

See also[edit]

  • Nomad: Human's evil-aligned counterpart.