Round 15/Changes

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Full change log can be found on Github.




  • Gnome
    • Juggernaut OP changed to 7. Making them a flat 7/3
  • Undead
    • Max population bonus from +15% to +12.5%
    • Vampire: Now converts into elite dp at 65%+ (from 60%+)
  • Wood Elf
    • Longbowman: +25p: 350p, 10r
    • Mystic: +50p: 1125p, 0r
    • Druid: -50p: 1050p, 0r
  • Nomad removed
  • Spirit removed


  • Shrines, bonus increased to 5x (from 4x)


  • Prestige
    • Gains on invasions increased slightly. (Formula range divider changed to 10 (from 12))
    • Reintroduce prestige loss for hits under 60% and multiple BF hits on the same dominon
  • Land loss/generation changed to 85% loss and 76.47% generated (from 75% loss and 100% generated). Total acres gained will remain the same.
  • Base defensive casualties changed to 3.825% (from 3.375%)
  • Conversion multipler change to 1.75% (from 2%), will keep total converts the same, in relation to defensive casualties increase.
  • Sending less than 85% of your target's defense will no longer cause defensive casualties
  • Failed invasions when sending over 85% of the target's defense will now properly reduce defensive casualties for subsequent invasions


  • New formula


  • Cut spy losses in half for info ops
  • Slightly tweaked starvation casualties to now kill off population types based on proportion