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Networth, often abbreviated to NW, is one of two metrics by which dominions are ranked, with the other being landsize. Contrary to land, networth does not affect one's ability to interact with other dominions, e.g. through guards. Instead, it is used as a rough metric to rank relative strength of dominions, though it has limitations.

Sources of Networth[edit]

Networth is gained automatically by gaining acres, constructing buildings, and training units. The following values are the same for all races:

Source Networth Notes
Land 20
Constructed Buildings 5 Incoming buildings do not count.
Specialist Units 5 Units in-training do not count.
Spies, Wizards, Archmages 5 Units in-training do not count. This also applies to Wizards you use to train Archmages.

For elite units, the calculation is a bit different. Their networth is based on the total offensive and defensive power they have, according to the following formula:

(1.8 * min(6, max(OP, DP))) + (0.45 * min(6, OP, DP))) + (0.2 * (max((OP - 6), 0) + max((DP - 6), 0)))

Understanding Elite Unit Networth[edit]

The above formula is not the easiest to grasp at a glance, so let's break it down. 1.8 * min(6, max OP, DP) checks for the highest value between offensive power and defensive power. It then multiplies that value by 1.8, to a maximum of 6 * 1.8. Ergo, units with a highest stat of 5 gain 1.8 * 5 = 9 networth from this part of the formula.

Conversely, 0.45 * min(6, OP, DP) checks for the lowest value of OP and DP, and multiplies that by 0.45, again to a maximum of 6 * 0.45. Ergo, a unit with a lower stat of 2 would gain 0.45 * 2 = 0.9 networth.

For most elite units, this is enough to calculate their value. The Nox Lich, which has 5 OP and 2 DP as of writing, has a networth of 1.8 * 5 + 0.45 * 2 = 9.9. A Firewalker Phoenix, with its 0/4.5 stats, has a networth of 1.8 * 4.5 + 0.45 * 0 = 8.1. This also applies for units with variable stats based on owned land, buildings, or prestige. For example, a Wood Elf has 54.54 % Forest. Druids are 3*/1*, gaining +1/+1 per 20 % Forest, so in order to calculate their actual stats, you have to do the following first: 3 + 54.54 / 20 = 5.7272 and 1 + 54.54 / 20 = 3.7272 to figure out their stats. Then, you apply the previous formula: 1.8 * 5.7272 + 0.45 * 3.7272 = 11.9862.

However, as stated, these two parts go up to a maximum value of 6 OP or DP. In order to calculate the excess, like for Gnome Juggernauts, you use the third part: (0.2 * (max((OP - 6), 0). Since Juggernauts are 7/3, the calculation for them looks as follows: 1.8 * 6 + 0.45 * 3 + 0.2 * (7-6) = 12.35. This goes for each value that reaches above 6.

Uses and Limitations of Networth[edit]

Networth is often used as an indication of relative strength, but it has significant limitations. For example, Merfolk that explore with Leviathans only will have a significantly lower NW than a Human doing the same with Knights. Leviathans are 0/7, which translates to 11 networth, while Knights are 2/6 and 11.7 networth. In addition, networth does not capture things like mod buildings, e.g. Guard Towers, Temples, or Gryphon Nests, nor does someone's Castle have any impact. Lastly, unit composition also matters. A Firewalker explorer going for a strategy with plenty of defensive specialists will have lower networth than one whose defence is all Phoenix, provided they have the same land and raw defence. Therefore, caution must be exercised when comparing individual dominions. However, provided that is done, it is a good way to quickly assess who is likely to have high OP within your range, or who could be a good target if you are looking to hit someone. In addition, it is also possible to estimate how many spies and wizards someone possesses, bypassing part of the limitation of Clear Sight.

Networth Values[edit]

Race Defensive Elite Defensive Elite NW Offensive Elite Offensive Elite NW Notes
Dark Elf Adept 10.8 Spellblade 11.8
Dwarf Cleric 9.9 Warrior 11.9
Firewalker Phoenix 8.1 Salamander 10.35
Gnome Rockapult 8.1 (minimum)
11.7 (maximum)
Juggernaut 12.35 Rockapult NW dependent on Mountain %.
Juggernauts count as 7/3 units for NW calculation purposes.
Goblin Hobgoblin 10.35 Wolf Rider 11.7
Human Knight 11.7 Cavalry 12.15
Icekin Frostmage 6.75 (minimum)
12.15 (maximum)
Ice Elemental 8.1 (minimum)
11.9 (maximum)
Frostmage NW dependent on Mountain %.
Ice Elemental NW dependent on WPA.
Kobold Beast 5.4 Overlord 6.3 Kobold unit matching does not affect NW.
Lizardfolk Chameleon 9 Lizardman 11.7
Lycanthrope Werewolf 8.55 Garou 10.8
Merfolk Leviathan 11 Kraken 8.1
Nomad Blademaster 9.9 Horse Archer 12.15
Nox Nightshade 5.4 (minimum)
10.8 (maximum)
Lich 9.9 Nightshade NW dependent on Swamp %.
Orc Voodoo Mage 9 Bone Breaker 8.1 (minimum)
11.9 (maximum)
Bone Breaker minimum is at 0 Prestige, which is currently impossible to attain.
Spirit Phantom Knight 10.35 Spectral Warrior 10.8
Sylvan Dryad 5.4 (minimum)
11 (maximum)
Centaur 10.8 Dryad NW dependent on Forest %
Troll Basher 10. Smasher 13.9
Undead Progeny 8.1 Vampire 8.55
Wood Elf Mystic 7.2 (minimum)
11.4 (maximum)
Druid 5.85 (minimum)
13.9 (maximum)
Mystic and Druid NW dependent on Forest %.