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Aliases: FW, (Fire)wanker
Introduced: Round 11
Round Wins: 2
Attacker: Beginner
Explorer: Intermediate
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Good
Land type: Caverns
Scribes: [1]

Firewalker is one of the fast attacking good races. They have a few interesting abilities that make them a fun, albeit fairly weak race to play. Although they are a solid race to attack OOP due to their cheap units and Alchemist Flame spell, they are very weak later on due to their inefficiency. Firewalkers have one of the most interesting self spells. The Alchemist Flame spell increases the amount of platinum produced by alchemies which means that unlike most other races, a high alchemy strategy is very viable for Firewalkers (especially explorers). This is of particular benefit if someone wishes to play fast. It is fairly uncommon for people to play as an exploring Firewalker; however, when experienced players have done so, their results have been very good. Generally, Firewalkers will only do well when in the hands of an experienced player, whether attacking or exploring.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Maximum Population: +5%
  • Lumber Production: -10%
  • Gem Production: +15%
  • Construction Platinum Cost: -10%
  • Explore Platinum Cost: +5%

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Fire Sprite 3 0 300 0
Flamewolf 0 3 300 0
Phoenix 0 4.5 925 0 Almost never dies.
Salamander 5 3 950 0 -45% casualties on offense

General information[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Alchemist Flame: Increases alchemy production by 15 platinum.

The spell is important early in the round during protection but quickly loses importance for attackers because attackers benefit more from focusing on growing population.

Explorers benefit from it throughout the whole round, if relying on alchemies for income.


  • Cheap OP elites
  • Immortal DP elites
  • 45% reduced casualties on OP elites
  • Solid turtle from OP elites
  • Can be played very fast
  • Good self spell for early round


  • Inefficient troops
  • Self spell becomes too expensive to use late round making high-alchemy strats inefficient for attackers
  • Too reliant upon speed and hard to play slow
  • Poor converters