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Converting is a style of play by which you explore to a certain point and convert into attacker. The point is to convert when your economy peaks, to be able to convert as quickly as possible into a very powerful dominion.

Race Selection[edit]

Converting can be done with many races.

Building Selection[edit]

This varies depending on race on method. Some converters choose to tech while some go for Diamond Mines, Ore Mines or Lumberyards and very high Castle Improvements; some do both. A common factor for many converters is that they leave protection with max Smithies and explore to nearly the size they want to convert at and at this point they re-build full Smithies. Wood Elf converters don't necessarily use Smithies at all or only max them out when leaving protection and once more when converting, never building anymore after that. Trolls, on the other hand, are likely to run max Smithies all the time since Smashers are such expensive units.

A converter normally avoids mod building and instead relies on very high efficiency and power. Not until late-round do they start building Guard Towers, Gryphon Nests and Temples since speed and swiftness are more important than efficiency at that point.

Unit Selection[edit]

Same as explorers before converting. Same as attackers after converting. Converters are rarely seen using any noteworthy amount of specialists, save for Gnomes, which are seen using their powerful and cheap specialist attack unit Suicide Squad.

General Information[edit]


  • A good way to get to know the game and its dynamics.
  • Arguably easy and fun.
  • Not very time consuming.


  • Hardly gets to use heroes.
  • If not done properly, can lead to a rather stale round.


  • Anyone who has played a few rounds and has pretty good understanding of Dominion.