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Invading is the act of one dominion sending military units to another dominion in another realm.

If the invading force's offensive power (OP) is greater than the defensive power (DP) of the targeted dominion, the invasion is successful.

Invading is a crucial part of playing as an Attacker and Converter.

How To[edit]

  1. Find and calculate your target's DP.
    1. The best way to do this is to find out the target's unit numbers and add up all the values of their defensive units then apply any known modifiers. Modifiers can include spells such as Ares Call and walls bonuses.
    2. Land defense is applied if the total defense from military is less the following formula:
      5 * (Total Acres - 150)
    3. Apply modifiers to Land defense as you would Military defense.
  2. Go the Invade page.
  3. Select your target. Double check to make sure it's the right one!
  4. Input the amount of units you want to send.
  5. Click Invade.

Successful Invasion[edit]

If your invasion is successful, you will gain land and if your target is 75% as big as you are or greater, the land you gain will have a 50% discount for buildings and you usually gain prestige. All land arrives twelve ticks/hours after your invasion.

Land Gain[edit]

Below is a table which shows land conquered for invasions where the attacker is from 500 to 6000 acres and the target is from 40% to 250% the size of the attacker. The minimum amount of acres gained is always 10.

This is the amount of land lost by the target. The attacker's total gain is the land conquered plus 66.67%. These bonus acres are generated by the game and are not taken from any player. Thus, invasion is not a zero-sum event.

Land Conquered Before Bonus Acres
40% 60% 75% 85% 100% 120% 133% 166% 250%
500 10 10 21 24 36 48 55 74 123
1000 10 21 43 49 72 96 111 149 247
1500 10 31 65 74 109 144 166 224 370
2000 10 42 87 99 145 192 222 299 494
2500 13 52 109 124 182 240 278 373 617
3000 15 63 131 149 218 288 333 448 741
3500 18 73 153 173 255 336 389 523 864
4000 21 84 175 198 291 384 444 598 988
4500 23 94 197 223 328 432 500 672 1111
5000 26 105 219 248 364 480 556 747 1235
5500 28 115 241 273 400 528 611 822 1358
6000 31 126 263 298 437 576 667 897 1482


The formula for acres lost depends on "range", or the target's size relative to the attacker. You then multiply that by 1.66667 (or 5/3rds) to get the amount of acres gained from a hit.

If target range is less than 55%:

Otherwise, if target range is less than 75%:

If target range is 75% or higher:

The "AttackerSize" is typically the current land size of the attacker. However, this variable in the formula is modified during war. In a one-way war, it is increased by 15%. In mutual war, it is increased by 20%.


Sometimes players will intentionally send less OP than the target's DP to cause casualties for the target, to lower the target's DP and allow for another dominion to successfully invade or to just do damage. This is called razing.


A bounce is a failed invasion. It is distinct from razing in that they are unintentional, often due to the target increasing its DP or the attacker making an error when calculating the target's DP.

If you fail by 15% (if OP is 85% or less of the target's DP) or more, the defender does not lose any troops and you also lose prestige. This is also called overwhelmed.

Research Points[edit]

Research points (RP) can be gained during a successful invasion.

See Teching for more information.

Bottom feeding[edit]

This is the act of invading a dominion below your 75% (Elite Guard) range. Caution is advised when deciding to do this: you will not have the building discount or prestige from a regular hit, and the formula for invasions is also harsher, meaning you'll gain less acres. Races that are more likely to engage in this are Lycanthrope, Spirit, and Undead, due to the conversions they gain when attacking. Conversely, Dark Elves are disincentivised from doing this, due to their Spirit Warriors dying normally when doing so.

If you invade someone between 74.99% and 60%, your Prestige is unchanged. If you hit below 60%, you will lose Prestige.

Being Invaded[edit]

If you are successfully invaded you will lose 5% of your prestige instantly. Any conquered acres that are constructed or under construction will cause your Dominion to gain a discount on rebuilding those acres. This discount does not stack with the discount from invading another Dominion. For example if your Dominion is invaded and you lose 100 acres, and 50 of those acres were still barren and 20 were under construction you will gain a discount on your next 50 acres built from exploration, daily land bonus, or from destroying and rebuilding.

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