Round 25/Changes

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  • New Wonder: Astral Panopticon grants permanent surreal perception when controlled

General Changes

  • Barracks now house 35 trained or in training military units, modified by prestige (from 36 unmodified)
  • Bunk Beds tech reduced to +1 barracks housing (from +2)
  • School of War has been removed
  • Schools now generate 25 Research Points per 1% owned up to a maximum of 750 at 30% owned (down from 26 per 1%, max 1040 at 40%)
  • Wars will now automatically expire after 5 days
  • Black ops success rate reduced when target's spy/wizard ratio is high
  • Fireball mana cost reverted to 3.3x (from 3x)
  • All NPDs will now actively train troops, cast spells, etc.
  • NPDs will now start with a flat amount of defense incoming instead of a percentage of current
  • NPDs now lose 25 prestige when invaded within Elite Guard range

Racial Changes

  • Dark Elf (Legacy) Adept: +50p (from 1100p), Wizard Guild requirement increased to 10% (from 9%) per point
  • Dwarf Warrior: -10r (from 110r)
  • Firewalker: construction cost reduced to -10% (from -7.5%), explore cost increased by 5%
  • Gnome Juggernaut: -50p (from 775p)
  • Orc: +20% food consumption removed
  • Orc Bone Breaker: 4/3, +1 OP for every 375 prestige, max +3 (from 5/2, +1 OP for every 625 prestige, max +2)


  • Black ops damage reduction from techs and wonders was unintentionally increasing black ops damage instead