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Round 17
Winner 🥇
Player: Gothia (Erik)
Dominion: General Ourumov (#12)
Race: Kobold
Winner 🥇
Player: Kari
Dominion: Op0nn (#12)
Race: Goblin
Winner 🥇
Player: Oment
Dominion: Boris (#12)
Race: Spirit
Winner 🥇
Player: Rio
Dominion: Janus (#12)
Race: Kobold
Changes: Round 17/Changes
Valhalla: Link

Round 17 began on March 12th 2020 and ended on May 1st 2020. This round saw a four way tie from a runaway pack; the introduction of the Global Forum, and an overhaul of the Rankings seen in game.

Round Win Story[edit]

Realm 12[edit]

Before the round started, we were our usual indecisive selves on what to play. Rio and Gothia kept bouncing around various attackers, while Kari was set on doing something fast attack-y and I was drawn towards Firewalker on account of it being a race I like attacking with.

Then Rio (Janus) created a nasty Kobbo takedown sim that Gothia (General Ourumov) jumped in on, and he suggested that I go SPUD (Boris). I’d thought of that as well, and after a bit of simming, I was convinced. Kari (Op0nn) ended up simming a Goblin that started converting by 1600a, so with that in mind, we started planning. Our Kobolds would be going hard from the start, and by delaying hits a few hours, hopefully catch some people off guard, while I was to just make hits, fly under the radar, and get myself land and converts, basically mirroring what Sarmis and company had done in round 14.

Act 1: Getting Out of the Gate

Protection went okay for all of us. I don’t recall any major errors at least. We also found out we had some helpful realmies: Meesax, who ended up in our Whatsapp channel pretty early on, as a Wood Elf (I got you Covid), and Esthera the exploring Halfer (I.love.YOU.vir), who joined a few weeks in. They were invaluable in helping us get some ops, and I lost count of how many Mhieves we sent to their deaths, but I’m getting ahead of things…

I came out on 700a, about 2.9k OP with plenty of DP, and a very healthy economy, and promptly found two hits. One land DP hit with a lot of draftees 3 minutes into the hour, and one barely-breakable Spirit. Rio executed his takedown perfectly with a hit on #21 Sumpfratte (Bobbo) – top NW – and Gothia had done some weird stuff: finding two hits, but delaying one of them until after hour change? Swedes gonna Swede, I suppose.

From there, the important thing was to identify the right targets to hit for our Kobolds. Rio hit #18 Pachycephalosaurus (InternetFett) on the basis of being a Troll, and after a bit of discussion, Gothia went for the #7 Dwarf: you don't deserve this (Blafiora). He’d had a tremendously good (too good) OOP that had caused a bit of a stir in Discord. It was a good day 4.

Now, LDAers were everywhere this round. They were generally either out of range or bad targets for us, but they did have the side benefit of giving Rio a chance of taking down the top land dominion in the game 28 hours in: STILL O.R.E. Ft. Snoop Juggs in #18 (Merf). The response was about 18k OP in Suicide Squads by early day 6. It wasn’t enough to hit us, and Rio went for a repeat. Gothia, meanwhile, went for more regular hits. Both Kobolds did have to contend with a bug regarding negative casualties on day 7, which got Merf tapped a third time because the original target was unavailable. Meanwhile, away from all the bloodshed, Kari was merrily exploring away. We were on top of the rankings at this point, and we were expecting something to happen on day 8 for sure, so we prepared our spies and wizards accordingly.

2020-03-19 06:27:39 Tokyo Sexwale (#25) invaded General Ourumov (#12) and captured 107 land.

2020-03-19 02:55:17 Sumpfratte (#21) invaded General Ourumov (#12) and captured 110 land.

The extensive assassination into semi-sui was somewhat out of left field, though. We had ops on Bobbo, but Tokyo was a full-on suicide. Sadly, I was a couple of minutes too late to the party, so no cheap hit for me after he got hit out of range. Rio retaliated, but not before we found out that #5’s Merfolk, Darkwing Duck (Dz), had pumped huge OP that could break both Rio and me on a send. We reasoned that he could only hit one of us, though, so both of us sent, maybe with an eye on getting him back on return. Rio ended up copping the hit, but he’d covered most of his buildings with barrens, and so only lost ~30 while being hit for 112a and getting Bobbo back, which prevented him from sliding into the driver’s seat.

Speaking of #5: Marvin the Martian (Iggy) liked Temples, and was holding top OP outside of our realm for most of the time. He was another Lizardfolk, which meant more suicide potential. Fun. Regardless, I stayed safe, kept hitting, built two random FHs while half asleep, and took the top land spot somewhere around day 10.

Act 2: Three Lizards and a Dwarf

The real contenders outside our realm had consolidated into Iggy, Blafiora, #14 Supercalifragilisticexpialidickcheese (Invisible Child, another Lizardfolk), and Bobbo. There were others who, on occasion, came close to these, but never really got there. I had foregone a hit on Marvin early on day 10 because I’d probably get tripled in return, but we would have to deal with him sooner rather than later. The rough OP status for the early hours of day 11:

Boris: 45.5k OP / 49.2k DP. 2 %-ish temples?

Marvin: 35k / 50.5k LM only, 43k / 40.7k if sending all Chams, 10 % temples.

Sumpfratte: 40.9k / 50.1k LM only, but Serpents would follow: this is a few hours after the other two. 5.3 % temples.

Undying OP was starting to carry now, and Rio found me a Halfer without GT. This added 440 Ghosts to the army. Then 13 hours after that, an exploring Lycanthrope was shy of defending me. All was going well, and we came to the first real decision point in the round while I was out. Bobbo had sent, and I could break, but it would be close, requiring up to 1400 Ghosts.

Skipping over an extensive discussion in which we argued pros and cons of various outcomes and options, we ended up warring the only blackoppable threat at the time: #7. We half sunk the Dwarf, meaning any 5:4 Cleric chicanery that I was somewhat concerned about would be very hard to pull off, and when the time came for the hit, a pleasant surprise awaited in the form of barely any drafts. I only had to send 700 Ghosts along.

2020-03-24 00:59:56 Victorious on the battlefield, Boris (#12) conquered 125 land from Sumpfratte (#21).

Then, on return, the top explorer in the game (#17 Cross Faded/visloq) was vulnerable as well. Maybe Iggy could have hit me, but I had plenty of barren and he would have probably farmed out in the process. This hit brought me to around 3100a by the end of day 14.

From there, it was my turn to start keeping people home – after a lot of building – and while I did so, Kari got herself three hits in three days, Rio bounced and also made a few hits, and Gothia had finally recovered from his unfortunate run-ins with a pair of Lizardfolk. Allegorical had also come back to OD and had been summarily cajoled into the pack channel.

I was on the verge of running, but three Lizardfolk and a Cleric-heavy Dwarf meant suicides were very possible. With Clerics gaining the ability to kill SPUD units this round, I wasn’t too keen on hitting Blafiora if it wouldn’t get me ahead significantly. My goal – as much as the others didn’t always fully agree – was to hit and be open to only two of them on an ideal hit. I started in mixing Ghosts as regular DP at this point, and I also had to wait for people to get in range first. One hit appeared when Darkwing attacked into range. Kraken are decent turtle, but Mermen aren’t. A bunch got released into draftees, which we summarily assassinated to scare. This resulted in more releases and much amusement in our pack channel: hitting into someone who is actively releasing and was right at the top end of my OP was not something anyone wanted to do. This was with Ares, by the way: various other attackers were only kept safe by having enough turtle or were having to keep Ares on permanently.

A side-benefit was that this meant Rio and Erik were uncontested while hitting because everyone was afraid of my Spectres. Kari’s three hits also meant she also steadily climbed up the ranks, despite accidentally training Spies instead of Wolf Riders while half asleep.

27/03/2020, 15:20 - Kari: Wow I fuckdd up

15:20 - Oment: Oh?

15:20 - Kari: Fuck

15:20 - Kari: Lol

15:20 - Oment: Built 30 farms?

15:20 - Kari: I meant to train 700 WR

15:20 - Kari: I uh trained spies instead

To make matters worse: this was her second batch of spies-instead-of-WR. As Rio put it…

15:21 - Rio: Guess who is getting ops on halfers now!

Then opportunity came when Super sent. It was what we wanted: a high convert hit on a direct threat. I had to wait for a bit to cover Rio’s send, and when the moment arrived, everyone got a heart attack from how close I stuck to the hour change.

2020-03-29 15:00:00 Victorious on the battlefield, Boris (#12) conquered 144 land from Supercalifragilisticexpialidickcheese (#14).

2020-03-29 16:59:54 Marvin the Martian (#5) invaded Boris (#12) and captured 240 land.

This caused the salt to flow in the Global Forum. Apparently, Dz had been without Ares for a few hours earlier, but we hadn’t checked. Additionally, Blafiora had basically not even considered hitting me, instead going for a quite safe – except from me – hit elsewhere ten minutes after my hit. I had my choice of who to hit, and after a long discussion, I went for the tit-for-tat on Marvin. It was better for my troops because I had no losses, and he was slightly larger to boot. In total, I gained nearly 2200 Ghosts from these two hits.

Meanwhile, everyone else went hitting as well, including Fred in #2, who had perhaps the worst timing in the world by 9hring into range. He was very well defended relative to basically everyone else who had sent. Rio and Gothia had found hits for around 95k OP on #14 pasta with sauce (Sly), on separate sends of his – this was me hitting 135k post-temples, leaving 126k myself! The earlier hit on Marvin had been about 113k OP needed, and a theoretical hit on Blafiora would have been closer to 124k. Regardless, all the Lizardfolk had now been hit, and so we came to the next phase.

Act 3: Run to the Hills

Next up, Kari found herself a pair of 9hrs: one of them on an Icekin attacker at home without Blizzard. Not that we knew that last bit: we only saw that after casualties were lower than expected. Two days later, Wilma in #2 came into my range about 20k DP below my full send. We repeated our earlier partial sink on the Dwarf for safety and no 5:4’ing, and for eventual war OP before pulling the trigger. And everyone proceeded to send. It was madness. Kari later remarked that it had been only 22 hours since I had sent, but in that time, ooh boy, shit went down.

I had delayed my send by two hours to allow #9 Sadness is sad (Kakadrea) to get home – because Blafiora could tap easily – and without a care in the world, the Salamanders went out into the world again, and so did Dwarven Warriors. Rio found himself an attacking Halfer (#3 Let’s capture the dream/alphanidon) on low DP a few hours later, while Gothia went for our seventh hit of the round on Sly: his fourth. Rio had the other three. Kari 9hred on a Goblin (all in, by the way) and a Halfling, Rio also hit Kakadrea on a next send, and we were planning for me to break guard and hit #7 Route 66 with war on a BF when I suddenly found some Mhieves in my barracks while my troops were home.

A war hit, in my 75 %, on someone I was already planning on hitting? Yes please. I also lost my top land title for about 8 hours here because Rio jumped over. Gothia also hit #5 José CaRioca, so every single one of us had just hit twice in 24 hours. Profitable, in more ways than one.

Then, it was time to bottom feed after my troops came back. First up, the #3 NW at the time, #14 Bigly good place of getting smart (Devasas). The less I had to rezone the better, and Nox is close to as good as it gets. Route 66 was hit another time 12 hours after – with full casualties thanks to some sneaky timing. That got me some extra Ghosts. Then I topped things off with a BF on everyone’s favourite meal (Pasta/Sly) and on visloq, who had inexplicably destroyed 180 GT at some point? We nearly didn’t check because we assumed he was defended… This put me on 5300 land by day 26 and some 800 full cost barren to build. Without Conqueror’s Crafts. Time to put on my hard hat. I went up to 900 DM (eventually), though with how many gems I ended up exchanging to Lumber, I think 850 and 50 extra LY would probably have been a better choice. I also switched to a full Elite troop composition at this point, releasing my 22000 Banshees.

The next morning, Rio all-inned #21 Dirty Harry (???) without Ares. Kari hit José that evening: she cleared by about 1k. Gothia all-inned Bobbo the day after, and Meesax finally found his first hit of the round. And another 12 hours later. And Dirty Harry bounced on him for some reason. And then, it was day 28: another one of those crazy days that saw everyone send.

Gothia hit Kakadrea, as you do. Then Sly sent – leaving 15k less DP than Meesax on 500a or so more, and Kari was all over that. Meanwhile, Rio had pumped big OP and ended up hitting Blafiora – who was out after hitting Fred. There was a good bit of discussion, but we figured that we’d get out ahead even if Rio got himself hit. IC could have stretched to hit Rio at this point, but didn’t, opting for something a little bit safer. Meanwhile, Meesax found himself a third hit in a row, somehow, and alphanidon had also sent, leaving not nearly enough to defend Kari. Then, Rio went for another round with the Dwarf, who had sent immediately and would have been 0.25a inside my range without this. Surely, this wouldn’t stand? Just casually hitting the top attacker out of realm, back to back, while leaving way less than he’d sent? Come off it now, these sorts of things only happen in fairy tales.

Spoilers: we were in a fairy tale. Rio got home and joined the rather exclusive club of people-with-nobody-else-in-range.

Act 4: The Danger Zone

Six days and a few hits by Gothia and Kari later as they covered each other, people started to think that they could start moving into Kobold range - chiefly Rio’s range, considering he had been sitting there for a bit. Kari had also started annoying people into staying home with her OP, but she had just hit twice in 24 hours (Frenzy drop, with a little help from Esthera’s Mhieves, and Sly), so she needed to reload.

To say that moving into Kobold range was a bad idea is… Perhaps an understatement. First off, Blafiora forgot to cast Ares when his land was in, and Rio summarily tossed the Dwarf out of range three minutes after. Eighteen hours later, he’d get IC with Ares all-in, and twelve hours after that, both Kobolds hit devesas all-in as well. These three hits in 30 hours pushed Rio to first place in land, and Gothia was up to 6200 as well, but we weren’t too happy about the circumstances of how he’d found his first hit.

Pachycephalosaurus had just come back from a send, taking him into range, and then, with mutual war, landed a gigantic hit on Kakadrea for about 570 acres total. He was quite teched out – MoR, FoL, UM, and working towards MG – and being a Troll with three of our four being target races for him meant that he was going to be trouble. He also accounted for being hit, losing a grand total of two buildings from just barely miscounting. This got Kari stuck in a dangerous spot: she was the only one of us in range, and with how disproportionate OPs were between us and the rest, that was a problem.

Thankfully, a good meal was not hard to find this round. Sly sent light enough that Kari could 9hr on him alone, before Fett could bring his Smashers to bear. Of course, Sly, being Undead, immediately sent again, which enabled Fett to hit, and after a short discussion, I followed suit, before the troops that I had dumped that morning – which I had hoped to catch the top explorer in the game off guard with – came in. It was good land, and it kept my target in my 65, so I got some Ghosts as well on return.

I probably also scared the living daylights out of anyone who checked my Barracks before my dump got in. 16000 troops in one hour does that to people. Having nobody in range was a big help to Rio and myself, and even Gothia got in on it for a bit near the end of the round: it meant that we could stack platinum with impunity, which, in turn, meant that we could leverage our amazing economy even more. The next few people who braved getting into Kobold range were Blafiora and Invisible Child. Again. The Lizardfolk was lighter by about 60k DP and so ate the first hit. Calculations were made to see if Fett could 5:4, but best we could tell, it was never possible between wall dumps and incoming DP. This, incidentally, kept Blafiora in range and Gothia hit him on return, letting him take the land lead in the round. IC also bounced on Esthera after a very fortuitous recast of Frenzy.

Act 5: Suicidal Spectacle and Sinking

The next day, Day 41, everything erupted into chaos. Blafiora sent, but with about ten minutes left in the hour. Sly took advantage with a full-on suicide the same tick and promptly got quad-tapped, including a one-sided war hit for 402 before generation. The resulting fallout also got Gothia another hit on Devasas after he came into range from retaliating on #4’s LDAing Spirit I swear, she said she was 18 (Jcinnz), who had tapped for 391, and Rio got himself a hit when IC also jumped up in the aftermath. At this point, we were making plans to deal with Fett and to tie on 8008 land, which I promptly derailed when Sly inexplicably took a DB into my 60, and after spotting that he was out on frankly ludicrously low DP, I hit him in a 2am panic. Not the best move all round.

Fett hit a far more defended target, even after accounting for racial bonuses, and all of his land went to mods, as they generally did. He was in range of everyone except me, and now it was up to us to make sure he couldn’t leverage his huge flexibility against the three target races that were in his range.

So five of us – myself excluded – sunk him. It wasn’t a full sink, insofar as you can speak of sinking a Troll in full, but it was enough of one that Kari got herself a 9hr BF on #13 Asanka456. It forced Fett to add well over 250 docks as well, which was a significant amount of lost speed for him. There were plenty of threats of mutual war bandied about on Discord, but nothing ever materialised. Presumably, they figured that keeping war on #2 was more profitable.

Eventually, Fett did get enough boats for a 5:4 send, and he executed about 5k spies by the time 72 hours passed, but we didn’t mind keeping it on. It kept him from adding Brutes, though strangely, no Ogres ever materialised either. Then #4 Troll, Wearing nothing but my Yajirobe (Zedijar) hit Wilma, and just before Fett would have hit 1 million all-in DP without Ares, he hit Zedijar, leaving hittable but figuring that he would come out ahead regardless of what would happen.

Considering we were aiming for a tie, we let him pass and cancelled war, though the option of having to hit him if he opted to take out someone else early on was discussed. Kari and Rio found a few BFs, and everyone eventually explored to 8118a, to Rio’s eternal displeasure for having to explore two whole acres.

Sadly, in warring, we did probably knock off more than a few acres off of Esthera’s finish because he now needed to defend an additional 15-20k OP (and any random Mhieves lost) from an angry Troll, plus he and Meesax ate quite a few blackops themselves. Meesax also bounced after missing that a land spy in the calculation was an older one, which possibly cost him one hit. He still had the time to finish a nice and round 5000 acres, while Esthera hit a solid 5120a and a 30th place.

So, at the end of it all, we managed a four way tie. Along the way, we hit peasant numbers that were nothing short of stupid: Gothia hit 101.1k on day 43 after hitting three times in just over three days. Rio wasn’t far behind at 98k earlier in the round, though he did hit 100k total peasants and draftees combined. Kari and I had to settle for lesser, nay, pedestrian numbers of 82k. The collective max between the four of us at a given time was somewhere around 315k. Suffice it to say that all of us will likely be pretty disappointed with our peasant numbers for a few rounds to come.

Huge thank yous to Meesax and Esthera. We abused their spies and wizards so much, it wasn’t even funny. Part of that was because we, being a runaway lot, had very few eyes on what was going on below, but part of it was also because we were noobs who didn’t train enough spies and wizards, or ever had enough mana. Thanks guys: we could not have done this without your help. The only sad thing is that Meesax is the only one of us attackers who didn’t at some point eat some pasta. Nevertheless, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Sly, because it’s not every round, or even every tenth round, that someone donates enough land to your realm that the donated land would have been enough to finish 42nd (~4760a after generation) in the standings. Additionally, Allegorical getting into our realm was fun: I’d never run across him, but the banter was good, the company for Kari during the Dominion night was better, and his battle to not get hit as a Spirit in the lowest reaches was excellent to follow.

Blafiora, Bobbo, Iggy, Invisible Child: good rounds, really put us through our paces. If this was a more conventional round with only one from our realm on top, we would’ve struggled bigtime to pick you all off. Internetfett, well… As much as it was a bit of a strategic blunder to go with three races weak to Troll, you were one hell of a late game threat. You deserved a higher finish, but you’ll hopefully forgive us if we didn’t feel particularly inclined to break our little tie party up. Keep on rocking, and good to see you did hit that 1m DP (and OP!) all in.

We went hard, we went fast, and I can safely say that none of us expected this particular outcome 50 days ago. Yet, all that pales in comparison with one very important takeaway…


Runaway Stats[edit]

Dominion General Ourumov Janus Boris Op0nn
Spec OP 67,128 57,012 11 0
Spec DP 5,200 5,000 15,051 130,844
Elite DP 63,676 67,000 81,818 0
Elite OP 124,089 119,612 121,121 42,903
Prestige 1,879 1,867 1241 1,198
GN 2.89% 2,08% 7,65% 10,15%
GT 13,65% 13,70% 16,42% 19,17%
Temples 9,02% 10,53% 7,13% 5,04%
Forges 4,01% 2,86% 6,55% 9,00%
Walls 5,42% 6,73% 10,10% 10,21%
Techs Tactical Battle
Treasure Hunt
Tactical Battle
Treasure Hunt
Conqueror's Crafts Conqueror's Crafts


I guess I'm entitled to a runner-up story, being the largest outside of the winning pack?

I had been thinking about fooling around and playing Troll again for quite some time (probably my favorite race in DC). I assumed that I would just end up randoming and playing some sort of LDA strat. I broke the news to my regular packies and to my surprise not only were they okay with it, but they wanted to play similarly slow strats. After lots of soul searching, I decided to 'play it straight' for as long as I could before teching and not LDA. Does it really matter if you accumulate a bunch of bonuses if you are also much much smaller the entire round? My packmates convinced me to go for the Master of Resources triad (12 techs), so I figured I could explore for a bit once I had run out of steam.

I had a few goals for the round: build 80k smashers, beat my best OD finish (9th), beat all other OD Troll finishes (Ed's Popcorn on 6182), and try to beat my best DC finish (also Troll in 8th on 7070). I still find it funny that my best finish was before I really knew how to play competitively (that was Round 56 and Rommel/Merf took me under their wing in Round 58). I decided to use the same name as that round as a good luck charm. My ruler name is the greek numeral for 8.

My goal for OOP was to make 3 hits and then realllly try to push my luck and go for 2 hits 12 hours later. Realistically, I thought I'd whiff on the second. I ended up having a PHENOMENAL OOP, finding 6 hits. These guys ended up being active players and none were on land DP (BDSMshenanigans, Village, The Nameless, and swear she was 18). I knew when the land came in, I'd have a huge target on my back so I had to drastically change my plans and ended up training nothing but defense for 24 hours. I ended up on 875 acres and was the largest in the game (with Merf in second as a suicide squad Gnome, which was amazing to witness). I took a hit from Janus #12 (Rio), but it didn't really phase me with all the land I had gained. I picked up some more land over the next few days and eventually started to slow down and released my brutes with 11 hits under my belt and ~500 prestige.

We had a short mutual war where I grabbed another 30ish prestige while exploring. Exploring was super boring. I brought in 300 schools and around 400 DM. I wanted to reconvert as soon as I unlocked Master of Resources (which happened around day 15), but it took me a few days longer and I began reconversion around 2100 acres. From then on, it was nothing but smashers. I starting picking off Goblins (and poor King Torg) and took my DM up to 600.

Then realm #9 warred us and started sinking me (unsuccessfully). We were going to go mutual and sink Sadness is Sad, but he ended up finding a hit before I had my spies in. He actually made a second hit as well, and then we declared and sunk him horribly. It looked like he might not ever find a safe hit again. Then he brought in 12+ hours straight of spies, probably more. They turned it into a prolonged sinking campaign against me. At one point I was able to hit their halfling all-in with literally JUST enough boats to break him. One single sabotage op would have stopped it. After that, Sadness was able to send again and I hit him for huge mutual war land gain (plus ~70 prestige) and took a hit from General Ouromov #12 (Erik) to push him out of range of my fellows.

Round was kind of a blur for a while after that. I was constantly calcing my 5:4 against 12 gobbo/kobbos. It started to look like I might be able to all-in Op0nn #12 (Kari) by the end of the round. Then I woke up one morning and saw a bunch of messages from Merf warning me that they had trained TONS of spies- like 3k, 6k, 10k. It was nuts. Luckily I had a night's worth of Fool's Gold plat and I started R/Ring 150 DM to docks. I already had 230 from the previous war, but I built docks for about 12 hours straight and then sporadically R/R'd farms until I had 500. I eventually was sunk enough that Op0nn #12 (Kari) was able to make two quick bottomfeeds and secure her place in the top 4. My spies were killing SO many of theirs, it was almost comical. I started posting my spies executed and boats into our pack Discord every few hours. Once I had 500 docks, they basically weren't making any progress. Even as a troll with massive docks and good spies, it was very hard to defend against a prolonged sinking campaign. (They actually had 5 guys in my range when they did the initial volley, so that was kinda rare for somebody my size).

Near the end I was waiting for somebody 5700+ to send so I could trade a hit with 12 for a nice sized gain (+300). It ended up being the #4 Troll (Zed) and 12 actually let me get away with it so they could get a 4-way tie. Then I was just camping out on the town crier screen to make sure #25 Woodie (rvv) didn't pass me up for 5th place (after I let him get a safe hit previously for fear that 3 of us in my pack would take hits from #12). All in all it was a great round. I think given some different circumstances early on, I could have really crushed some people at the top. Going against a bunch of gobbo/kobbos is a best-case scenario for a Troll. I ended the round with 100k smashers (blowing my goal out of the water) and over 1 million OP/DP without Ares.

Technical Issues[edit]

During the final day of protection a glitch occurred due to a notification issue with an external mail server which caused ticks to stop occurring during the lead-up to the final 12 hours of protection for a majority of players. Some mild panic was experienced as some schedules were ruined by the glitch and plans for defense after protection were thrown into disarray, but most people recovered well after the ticks were pushed through all at once by WaveHack.


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