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Aliases: p0rc, Ork, Orx
Introduced: Round 15
Round Wins: 0
Attacker: Intermediate
Explorer: Advanced
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Evil
Land type: Forest
Scribes: [1]

Orc is one of the few races that you need to attack with in order to do well. This is because their elite OP's strength is based upon prestige and the easiest way to gain prestige is through attacking other dominions. They can be played as a fast attacker (with a large spec number) or as a medium to slow attacker (concentrating on elites). They do not work very well as a converter.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Lumber production: +50%

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Lumber Special
Savage 4 0 385 30
Guard 0 3 300 0
Voodoo Magi 0 5 965 0 Reduces combat losses
Bonebreaker 4* 3 1150 120 Offensive power is increased by 1 for every 300 prestige, maximum +3

General information[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Bloodrage: Gives a 10% attack strength bonus, but increases offensive casualties taken by 10%.


  • Cheap OP
  • 4 point offensive spec
  • Can be played fairly fast
  • OP spell


  • Inefficient elite OP until high prestige is gained
  • Playing fast can quickly become a trap with low/no turtle
  • Spell increases casualty numbers taken (see next section)

Bloodrage Casualties[edit]

Though Orc's racial spell increases offensive casualties, it is not nearly as severe a penalty as it might look at first glance. For instance, take the following scenario: you attack a target with 99999 DP, using only Savages. You have 25% offensive mods without casting your racial, meaning you would need 20000 Savages to break the target. 20000*4*1.25 = 100000 Normally, you would then take 8.5% casualties on that 20000 = 1750 lost Savages.

If you cast Bloodrage, your offensive mods become 35%. You will now need 100000÷1.35÷4 = 18518.51 --> 18519 Savages to break, and you will have 1.1*8.5% = 9.35% casualties. 0.0935*18519 = 1731.5265

As you can see, you will have 1% less casualties if you cast Bloodrage, and perhaps also have some OP left home for turtle if you use Bone Breakers. However, to quote the old Dominion Wiki FAQ: this does not mean that Bloodrage reduces casualties by 1%, unless you always train 10% more OP than you need. It means that it is not worthwhile to train 10% more OP merely to avoid the increased casualties.