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Valhalla prior to round 14 starting.

Valhalla is where the final rankings of each round are recorded.


When a round is ongoing, the current rankings can be found within the game[1]. As of Round 18 these have been greatly expanded, allowing players to see all non-race rankings. These are updated once daily, at midnight server time.

Once the round is over, the final rankings are entered into Valhalla.


As of Round 18, the top Dominion in each ranking gains a title and a small avatar visible in the Global Forum. If they have multiple, like being both the largest and strongest Dominion, the one higher in the drop-down menu shows up. The titles are listed below in the same order as the drop-down menu.

The Largest Dominion the Powerful
The Strongest Dominion the Destroyer
The Largest Attacking Dominion the Savage
The Largest Exploring Dominion the Adventurous
The Most Victorious Dominion the Courageous
The Most Prestigious Dominion the Renowned
The Most Successful Spies the Sneaky
The Most Prestigious Spies the Shadow
Most Spies Executed the Executioner
Top Saboteur the Saboteur
Top Magical Assassins the Magebane
Top Military Assassins the Assassin
Top Snare Setters the Trickster
Top Platinum Thieves the Wealthy
Top Lumber Thieves the Carpenter
Top Gem Thieves the Greedy
Top Ore Thieves the Muscular
Top Food Thieves the Hungry
Top Mana Thieves the Luminous
Most Successful Wizards the Gifted
Most Prestigious Wizards the Master of Magi
Most Wizards Executed the Determined
Masters of Fire the Pyromancer
Masters of Lightning the Aeromancer
Masters of Plague the Pestilent
Masters of Swarm the Swarm
Masters of Water the Hydromancer
Masters of Earth the Terramancer
Top Spy Disbanders the Mentalist

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