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Dominion was a browser game developed by Kamikaze Games (Ross) between 2000 and 2010.

OpenDominion is an free and open source reincarnation of Dominion.

To differentiate Dominion from OpenDominion and the in-game term dominion, Dominion is now referred to as Dominion Classic.

Liege Lord[edit]

Liege Lord was a variant of Dominion Classic with a few key differences:

  • Rounds lasted 99 days instead of 50 days.
  • Realms replaced with alliances, which were functionally similar to realms but were user-created and leaders of alliances could invite other dominions.
  • All dominions started in realm #0, from which they would form or create alliances. #0 was a free-for-all where anyone could hit anyone.
  • Fewer races available.
  • Units, spell, improvements, and buildings costs were approximately double.
  • Other players could sign up as your vassals, earning you 1% of their production every hour.