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Ross (also known as R00s) was the man behind the curtains of Dominion and Kamikaze Games. Some things are known about him, but they have been left out of this article due to privacy concerns. He is/was also one heck of a gamer and used to design maps for Quake back in the days. These maps are not possible to find anywhere to download, but they are generally believed to be the most awesome ever. He attended a university, where he studied computer science.

Not to be confused with WaveHack.


Urg used to be Ross' troll multi and sidekick, regularly appearing in brackets next to the changes in every round's changes thread. Urg has not been sighted since round 30, a round before which an addendum to the changes were presented in a thread created by Urg himself. The following are quotes from the round 29 changes:

"* Halfing Spy Ratio in the Advisors were off. [Urg hate filthy stealing halflings.]"

Here is a display of how Ross would interact with himself through Urg, and it also shows Urg's disapproval of any nerfs to Trolls:

"Troll: Smasher +200p. [Urg smash Ross into thousand tiny pieces. Then Urg smash pieces into thousand tiny pieces. Then Urg take pieces of pieces and smash those. Then Urg find wizard, make Ross whole again so Urg can smash him again.]"