Round 35

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Round 35
Winner 🥇
Player: Wurstmeyer
Dominion: Icekin
Race: Icekin
Second 🥈
Name: Craghack
Dominion: Emperor Palpagin
Race: Merfolk
Third 🥉
Name: Faith
Dominion: Once-ler
Race: Wood Elf
Changes: Round 35/Changes
Valhalla: Link

Top 100 Results[edit]

Round 35 top 100

Round 35 - Realm #1 Win Story[edit]


This round only had a weak runaway followed by a bazillion suicidal lizardfolk trying to pull him back. This led to mid-race overtaking early on and made round 35 the "round of the woodelfs", with several of them dominating the round after week 2 as well as a strong spirit who only got knocked down at the end... My icekin used his underdog position, flanked by a very strong welf, nomad and the “runaway”, to rise to the top.

Our pack consisted of: 

  • DanTheMan - Mris Sucks - Lycanthrope 
    • Delayed hit Fast Attacker
  • SwampFox - Gordon Gekko - Lizardfolk
    • Delayed hit Fast Attacker
  • Faith - Once-ler - Woodelf
    • Unconventional Converter on high DM/Schools with mainly LBM. I told him endless times how this aint gonna work… well…. It worked…. quite well….sorry Faith :D
  • Tidnab - Associate Professor Evil - Nox
    • Our Ops man! He got hit early despite good dp.. But he kept up with us till the end. Booya!
  • Wurstmeyer - Icekin - Icekin
    • OOP Conversion on guilds

We had great randoms:

  • Warpig - Kahlon - Nomad
    • Totally took me by surprise. Great played nomad. In another round dynamic he could've won with that strat. 

And a lot of active guys going strong into the blop game. 

  • McGeeal - AlCapwnd - Human explorer
  • Sloxxor - NoWasteToTime - Firewalker explorer
  • SatansArsonMilitia - MrMorden - Halfling explorer
  • Meesax - Shaldon J. Plankton - Welf convert
  • Titus - Rain Of Fire - Welf explorer
  • Jmerc - ShaoKhan - Human explorer
  • Kale - TheTinamou - Delf converter

Our realm theme was supposed to use race names of other races… for example a lycanthrope being called lizardfolk. The GPC decided it's too confusing (duh) and we were allowed to choose new names. I was too slow to choose and then found the basename InternetFett gave me rather funny. So I became the Icekin - Icekin


Have our fast races run or stop another runner. Have efficient races as a backup. 

My Strategy: I used a rather unconventional very fast convert icekin running full elites.  The tough part is getting the wpa up to 3.0. The earlier you do this, the more relative speed you loose. Pumping pure wizards for 2 days at d30 ain't much (2/30) but 2 days right oop (2 / 6) could create an insurmountable delay…

However, converting on such small land I was able to run max guilds for cheaper wizards / Spies (and rezone them quite cheaply too at the end of the conversion) and decent schools on very low land (low rp costs). Being so small also allowed me to steal from anyone, giving me a small bonus income (not as much as I had hoped). 

I made my first hit d7.

   2023-06-10 15:54:03 Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 39 land from Ecchi Kuki Senpai (#0).

And then kept hitting mostly bots through the early game… meanwhile our fast attackers had all the "fun" so lets talk about their stories. 

Early Game[edit]

This round had many fast attackers competing. We had Dan - Mris Sucks who found nice hits early game and got in a little lead.

We had a terrible hit cycle for Swamp - Gordon Gekko - Liz  who had to repeatedly wake up middle of the night to see his scouted target got hit the hour before and had to settle for smaller targets because our american ops team was deeply asleep as well. This led to him slowly falling behind and then a bounce seemed to seal his fate.. but he kept going and become a relevant fast attacker in the early midgame again and converted then to a blop support and helped us till the end.

===Early game competition=== 

  • #1 (us) Dan - lycanthrope with swamp as liz support. 
  • #2 Soup - strong fw with lyc support (damdred)
  • #4 InternetFett -  lizardfolk, combined with a blop pack and a bunch of strong midraces. Especially Mithrandir - Jabba - Woodelf who was one of the three races to compete for the win. 
  • #7 Yami and Playt0i - fw and lizardfolk 
  • #9 Downrightdave and Sly - double lizardfolk

Realm #4 used their blop pack out of the gate to war #7. We smelled the chance and went with our blop pack after #2 fw who looked quite strong at this time. 

   2023-06-06 19:40:54	Commence Primary Ignit-gin (#4) has declared WAR on Oh baby baby (#7).
   2023-06-09 21:52:32	On the Naughty List (#1) has declared WAR on Living Life a Quarter Mile at a Time (#2).

With the main competition slowed, Dan got into a 1-hit lead early on but then hit a small wall when all lizardfolks started pushing heavy suicide op and he was forced to sit for a few days. 

We had a big hit setup but in line to classic Dan fashion blops came his way. 

Because he had to sit a few days #9 managed to get 5 guys in his range. A spy drop later they warred us, snaring Dan. 

   2023-06-12 05:30:11	Hungry Lyc the Wolf (#9) has declared WAR on On the Naughty List (#1)

One of their lizards suicided Dan all in who went for the retal. 

   2023-06-12 08:02:48	We are the Cham-pions (#9) invaded fellow dominion Mris Sucks (#1) and captured 134 land.
   2023-06-12 08:59:54	Victorious on the battlefield, Mris Sucks (#1) conquered 124 land from We are the Cham-pions (#9).

After his land drop Dan was in range of realms #4 blop pack so they went after him. 

   2023-06-12 09:33:20	A New Hope (#4) has declared WAR on On the Naughty List (#1).

Dan recovered by getting a last second war hit on #4 and stayed on top. However he was slowed down. Running seemed more unlikely than ever. 


During early/midgame we grabbed Fountain of Youth and hold it for most of the round (#3 went in twice for a "weekend rejuvenation treatment" before we took our fountain back. 

Realm #4 on the other hand were proud owners of the Spire of Illusion. With all those strong mid game races it was a pain in the ass to keep ops up to date on them. 

Dan stayed a hit ahead of the lizards and we tried to make stuff happen but whenever one lizard fell behind another one pushed mods so he always stayed in the danger zone. 

   2023-06-18 20:13:48	On the Naughty List (#1) has declared WAR on You're Entering a Realm of Pain (#6).

We went for a snare hit on their icekin and fballed Rurys spirit - not a simmer because he looked terrible strong. Two birds with one stone. 

   2023-06-19 02:59:52	Victorious on the battlefield, Mris Sucks (#1) conquered 118 land from I had a rough night and I hate the fkn Ares snipes (#6).

Realm #4 didn't see the chance to kill the spirit early and decided to go against us a second time. 

   2023-06-18 21:10:12	The Ginpire Strikes Back! (#4) has declared WAR on On the Naughty List (#1).

Dan, feeling the heavy pressure of playing a turtless lycanthrope vs a buch of suicidal lizards, decided he had to risk something to stay relevant and went for a hit having the naive hope that only 1 lizard would suicide him. 

   2023-06-21 16:59:57	Victorious on the battlefield, Mris Sucks (#1) conquered 123 land from Follow (#5).
   2023-06-21 17:36:30	Qui-Gon Gin (#4) invaded fellow dominion Mris Sucks (#1) and captured 212 land.
   2023-06-21 17:59:47	Simply the Best (#9) invaded fellow dominion Mris Sucks (#1) and captured 183 land.
   2023-06-21 18:24:55	Victorious on the battlefield, Gordon Gekko (#1) conquered 169 land from Simply the Best (#9).
   2023-06-22 04:15:45	Victorious on the battlefield, Mris Sucks (#1) conquered 165 land from Qui-Gon Gin (#4).

Obviously that was a mistake. Dan was still on the top attacker spot with a decent land lead but his fire was slowly dying. Dan kept on hitting for a bit and nearly got a final HUGE hit on the biggest explorer but a last second sinking campaign by #4 denied him this last glory as well. 

We told Dan early to pump mods and buy Faith, Warpig and me time. 

===The 'other' midgame=== 

Meanwhile #6 spirit - Rury and #4 woodelf - Mithrandir became real powerhouses. 

-#6 Rury did run a very well working masonry spirit. He had a strong woodelf attacker (Poige) and a strong UD (Erix) as backup. 

- #4 had the strongest welf attacker (Mithrandir) flanked by Shaidars gnome and Sharkeys nox. 

Realm #4 had the econ and blops , #6 the undying troops on masonry mods. 

Meanwhile I had a decent econ (but nowhere near Mithrandir). 

The round seemed over when Mithrandir made a well timed rezone hit on Volv.

   2023-06-25 18:53:31	Victorious on the battlefield, Jabba The Slut (#4) conquered 160 land from You know that's just like, uhh, your Dominion, man (#6).

Then #4 declared war on #6 to seal the deal. 

   2023-06-25 19:21:11	Revenge of the Semo (#4) has declared WAR on This aggression will not stand, man. (#6).

Mithrandir had the best econ, was way ahead on troops on #6 welf, our runner was slowly dying and i was still way behind them. 

Then Mithrandir starved. Two hours. On -4000 food. 

That cost him about 8-10h of troops and allowed #6 woodelf to catch up. 

Climbing up[edit]

I smelled my chance. #4 and #6 were locked in a war. Both pushed big op and it was clear that the one who would send first had to defend a big rezone from the other. So their options were to make a safe rezone themselves (wouldve killed their econ) or wait for the other to move.

On top we had Dan pumping troops and #4 and #6 were scared that they would get hit by him and the other realm could feed of Dan. 

So I made a couple of unsafe bot hits hoping that #4 and #6 would lock each other up…

… and there I was back in the game. 

At the same time Faith started his humongous 500 dm and 500 school rezone with a 15k lbm release conversion project… we feared that #4 would be 3-4 hits ahead by the time he finished converting but their stalemate allowed him to convert and make his first hit just a bit smaller than them. 

The Lategame[edit]

Three realms competing for the win.

-#1 My Icekin did catch up well and I had a great economy running. Meanwhile Faith got his Welf online (behind #4 and #6 but faith was playing the long game). Also Warpigs nomad - Kahlon became quite strong now too. 

-#4 welf - Mithrandir - Jabba was the biggest welf with potential top op most of the mid/lategame. 

Sharkeys nox fell behind a bit due to their war with #6. Shaidars gnome went crazy on gn during the second phase of the midgame. Sacrificing his chance in the late game but posing a constant suicide threat. 

-#6 spirit - Rury - Obviously you're not a simmer was lucky to get fed insanely easy hits on a nomad (who just kept 9hing on same dp) shortly after he decided to make a spec push.. flex and immortal troops on high masonry looked nasty and he was always just one hit away from running. 

They had the rezone from Poiges welf and a big UD as support.

During the last war with #4 (when they initially sunk Dan) they succeeded in snaring Sloxxor and gave Mithrandir a fat hit. 

   2023-07-05 19:59:57	Jabba The Slut (#4) invaded fellow dominion no waste to time (#1) and captured 344 land.

We decided we had enough of that bullying and started feeding on #4 ourselves. 

   2023-07-04 15:15:39	Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 169 land from Darth Jar Jar Kink (#4).
   2023-07-05 21:59:26	Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 211 land from Dominion Name (#4).
   2023-07-06 11:58:26	Victorious on the battlefield, Kahlon (#1) conquered 210 land from Dominion Name (#4).
   2023-07-06 20:34:54	Victorious on the battlefield, Kahlon (#1) conquered 185 land from Darth Jar Jar Kink (#4).
   2023-07-07 02:01:11	Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 271 land from Domme Leia Ginwalker (#4).

The last 2 hits I was open to Shaidars suicide and I knew he couldn't let me go or I'd be unstoppable.

   2023-07-07 02:54:41	Anagin Drywalker (#4) invaded fellow dominion Icekin (#1) and captured 357 land.

But we had Faith as a backup so he got fed a nice 100% war hit. 

   2023-07-07 02:59:56	Victorious on the battlefield, Once-ler (#1) conquered 285 land from Anagin Drywalker (#4)

Initially we hoped that Warpigs nomad could make a third war hit in a row on Shaidar but his mods dropped to heavy on all that incoming land so we decided to play it safe. 

Sadly Rury's spirit could join the party.

   2023-07-07 04:11:55	Obviously you’re not a simmer (#6) invaded Anagin Drywalker (#4) and captured 211 land.

After the dust settled Shaidar would never really recover to threat 5:4, I got a net plus on land and Faith got fed heavily. 

But it was still #1 vs #4 vs #6

The turning point[edit]

Realm #4 got another nice snare hit set up. 

   2023-07-11 09:04:39	Jabba The Slut (#4) invaded I would explore 500 miles (#9) and captured 435 land. 

That poor kobold had very good SPA but without ares only borderline dp. Jabba had to send early because #6 spirit could hit first. He did send second then. 

   2023-07-11 09:32:08	Obviously you’re not a simmer (#6) invaded I would explore 500 miles (#9) and captured 375 land.

I was not ready for this hit and lacked dp vs #6 welf… so I waited.

   2023-07-11 09:50:18	Masons are Overpowered (#8) invaded I would explore 500 miles (#9) and captured 383 land.
   2023-07-11 09:52:22	Mr. Treehorn treats Bots like Women (#6) invaded I would explore 500 miles (#9) and captured 329 land
   2023-07-11 09:54:14	Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 277 land from I would explore 500 miles (#9).

Poor kobold…

And Faith slept through this massacre… Then something none of us expected happened.

   2023-07-11 10:48:30	This is what happens, GPC!! (#6) invaded Jabba The Slut (#4) and captured 360 land.

Boom. Erix UD suicided Mithrandir. 

   2023-07-11 10:53:21	Victorious on the battlefield, Once-ler (#1) conquered 246 land from This is what happens, GPC!! (#6).

And Faith got another feed.

Rury started pushing specs. I started pushing gn. 

===Who likes some tuna=== 

Faith started covering me against potential spirit suicides / welf rezones and I started pumping crazy op with my gn and cheap ice elementals. 

The easiest hit was an exploring dwarf in #2 (Unfather) and I dropped some specs to aim him. We failed some ops on him before and we figured out he knows were coming for him since he had surveillance on. 

SwampFox and I talked the hour before the hit about how much he could increase his walls and draftees. We discussed him releasing wiz/spies and it was end of tick so I told swamp to scare him by assassinating draftees.

Swamp went a few times, then got full ops again plus a fresh castle at minute 59. 

BOOM 70k networth drop immediately after the last castle. 

He released probably all his spies/wizards trying to make me bounce. Well.. with my incoming troops next tick and the remainder of our.ops pack in standby we killed like 7-8k of his now 10k draftees and went for the kill.

   2023-07-13 16:59:56	Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 317 land from I like the tuna here. (#2)

And now we knew he had no spies so we warred him and snared him shortly after

   2023-07-14 15:49:56	5 Suicides and Counting! Coming soon on TLC (#1) has declared WAR on Living Life a Quarter Mile at a Time (#2).
   2023-07-14 19:58:26	Victorious on the battlefield, Icekin (#1) conquered 281 land from I like the tuna here. (#2).

Now I was top land and had a good lead on #6 and #4. 

Faith was pushing pure op for days and forced Rury, who killed his econ by going early spec, into full defense mode.. then he realized he will just get all inned.. bfed and released all his op to cover faith. Sweet! 

   2023-07-13 22:30:46	Obviously you’re not a simmer (#6) invaded Analsauraus Wrecks (#3) and captured 129 land

And the winner is… or not?[edit]

With the release from Rury I got many people sending me congratulations… especially from realm #4. But that was all a scheme to make us careless! Those mischievous hobos!

I thought I'd be able to get another hit in.. overall it was still nearly a week left and trained some mix of op/dp when we saw Mithrandir going full druid on his woodie. He was close getting me all in on a 95% rezone. 

Meanwhile the merfolk in his realm, Emperor Palpagin - Craghack, went full exploration on 120k+ peasants creeping up on my landsize. Ohoh.

I was forced to push pure dp for days.

Thankfully Faith AGAIN covered me by pushing druids himself and now everyone had to defend 700k op. Insane.

It looked tight. Craghack could potentially become larger than me. We searched for a bfeed and found an ares off 55% hit on a sylvan - Analsaurus - Thedamned.

I was outside and came home less than 5min before hour change.. realized I have to hit this tick because Mithrandir dropped 1500 druids..checked the math, got fresh cs/rev on the inactive sylvan saw his drafts go down. Thought me team went for assassination, oversend a bit and hit. BAM. 

   2023-07-18 13:59:10	Icekin (#1) invaded Analsauraus Wrecks (#3) and captured 73 land.

Then Faith asked me where the sylvan spent his plat on and we realized he was active and his plat went into huge.spies/wiz (hence his draftee drop) but he didn't think it was necessary to cast ares. I could have easily bounced there under the time pressure..

Then we realized our cs on Mithrandir was 2h older than the rax so I was potentially hittable by Mithrandir after a tiny raze from Shaidar… 

But I could've probably invested in walls and I had 11k wizards waiting to be released so I think I might've been fine.

So the last 2 days I was terrible scared of a snare (which I barely covered) but apparently Mithrandir didn't want no war because he was scared of being sunk.

Little did that help him..the moment he rezoned his docks we were ready.

   2023-07-20 00:23:40	Well played 4 and 6! (#1) has declared WAR on Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them around gin (#4)

This limited his op and forced him to a bfeed. Meanwhile Faith could hit big for a more than deserved 3rd spot. 

   2023-07-20 00:54:18	Victorious on the battlefield, Once-ler (#1) conquered 368 land from Brontonomo Bae (#3).
   2023-07-20 00:59:01	Victorious on the battlefield, Jabba The Slut (#4) conquered 188 land from Once Upon A War (#2).


To my whole pack and realm. This was a team effort and I'm very proud of my realm. We got obstacles thrown in our way the whole round and yet we always found the way around it. We've mostly been the underdogs in this round and yet we pushed and pushed and finally came out ahead.

Thanks Dan for paving the way for Faith and me and struggling through this exhausting early/midgame. Our comeback was only possible by your presence sitting above #4 and #6. Thank you!

Faith: with my "German directness" vs your "American politeness" I often felt like an ass criticising your woodie strat but you stayed steadfast and despite all my shittalk you covered my ass again and again. Thank you! 

Swamp: You deconverted to our personal advisor and "stayed in the game" with your mind even when fell behind. Your advise was always spot on. Thank you!

Tidnab: the master of shadows. Unlucky early game but no word of complain. You just kept going and got us those precious ops. Thank you!

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