Round 27

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Round 27
Winner 🥇
Player: wurstmeyer
Dominion: I can’t even (#3)
Race: Wood Elf
Second 🥈
Name: playt0i
Dominion: Buddy (#10)
Race: Lycanthrope
Third 🥉
Name: jboy
Dominion: I look so gross (#3)
Race: Nox
Changes: Round 27/Changes
Valhalla: Link

Round 27 starts on December 13

Top 100 Results[edit]

Round 27 top 100

Round Win Story[edit]

A game of 50 days (or 1200 hours) and yet the most crucial situations were decided by just one hour income difference…

Round 27 was dominated by a group of fast attackers from #10 who managed to eliminate all other fast attackers and pulled off an early run away as a whole pack. We played a bunch of attechers (like most people) and knew it would be a race against the clock to overtake them.

Pre Round[edit]

I packed with Jboy and Lamb as in the previous rounds and we got joined by sizzler who we met and learned to love in round 26. After a very exhausting last round we wanted to play it a bit slower and opted for an all attecher compilation. We figured Nox are probably one of the strongest races out there, so we set up Jboy as our carry in the endgame. Lamb wanted to repeat his dwarf atteching/high imp strategy from last round and sizzler decided to play a sylvan attecher, which would help us tremendously with getting ops on all those wizard races. I always wanted to try out a woodelf attacher and lamb played a great welf fast converter (but no techs) a few rounds ago so I decided to tweak the strategy a little and created a fast convert atteching welf sim. The idea was for me to have a better economy over the other attechers and dominate mid game. When my power would fall off in the endgame, jboy could take over and I would support him with my raze potential.

Using a generic white girls meme we went with:

Lamb - I’m so fat - Dwarf
Sizzler - I totally hate drama - Sylvan
Jboy - I look so gross - Nox
Wurstmeyer - I can’t even - Welf

The Realm[edit]

Again very lucky with our realm assignment we landed in an active Realm (#3) with great support. Sly Delvecchio played an atteching nomad. Maginot, a high DM Troll attacker. And Jrog tried his Nox attecher from the last round again. It was a great team dynamic and everyone helped each other. Especially in the last days everyone was incredible selfless and only so we were able to secure the win

An honorable mention goes to TimR - FrostyLands - Icekin who joined mid round as a new player and randomly cycloned neutral wonders without telling anyone.. and suddenly we ended up with the onyx mausoleum!


I came OOP on 655 acres (+ daily land) on pure elite DP. My strategie included heavy rezone / rebuilds OOP and shortly after OOP I had 180 Schools (25%) and a bit above 40% Forest. Welfs are a complicated race and OOP attacking is only possible on smaller acres and going high into specs. While potentially still more powerful going attacking asap I decided to play the fast converter. The main reason was that I was quite exhausted from the last round and wanted to play a more casual, relaxed round (that went well eh.. lol?!) and the difference between those two strategies wasn't so big. Going fast convert on full elites I had about 10.5k population pumping for the first days which mitigated the lost prestige and RP from attacking.

Early Game[edit]

Realm 10 did run away while killing all their competition (sometimes the competition killed themselves for them). Early game was uneventful. Everyone was hitting bots and watching #10 get bigger and bigger by feeding on people not paying attention to their op. After 2 Weeks no one was left to threaten them in any way and they were free to 5:4 everyone who entered their range.

So the game plan was clear: Stay out of their range and hope we stay ahead of the other attechers. Then overtake them in the end.

I made my first hit day 7 and farmed on bots for most of the early game. I tried to double hit (by rezoning all incoming land to forest) as often as possible and my good economy really paid off since I was hitting every 30 hours on average after my initial hit. I think I rezoned my schools to forest around day 20 allowing me to grow a bit quicker.

day 21 2021-12-29 05:58:18 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 88 land from starve wars the forks awaken (#0).

day 20 2021-12-28 17:59:47 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 108 land from Whisky Cristina barcelona (#0).
day 19 2021-12-27 02:34:26 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 81 land from Toss my salad 👅 (#15).

day 17 2021-12-25 08:57:15 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 66 land from The Boneyard (#0).

day 16 2021-12-24 08:59:20 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 68 land from The Boneyard (#0).
day 14 2021-12-22 08:21:21 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 52 land from What A Come Back! (#0).

day 13 2021-12-21 15:47:41 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 48 land from Rock Lobster (#0).

day 11 2021-12-19 17:59:47 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 43 land from Weebl - want pie now.(#0).

day 11 2021-12-19 02:49:01 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 40 land from Rock Lobster (#0).

day 9 2021-12-17 06:59:22 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 36 land from Brainy Smurf (#0).

day 8 2021-12-16 13:59:44 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 35 land from Rock Lobster (#0).

day 7 2021-12-15 02:59:31 Victorious on the battlefield, I can't even (#3) conquered 29 land from Rock Lobster (#0).

My other packies played a similar game. Feeding on bots for most of the times and slowly crawling up on #10. We were in a good position compared to other attechers but #10 was preparing to slow us down.

Mid Game[edit]

Midgame for me started with another double hit that put me into #10 range.

day 25 2022-01-02 00:12:16 I can't even (#3) invaded San-ACMILAN-Siro (#0) and captured 115 land.

day 24 2022-01-01 12:59:33 I can't even (#3) invaded HackTrickAgain (#0) and captured 118 land.

Welf having a strong midgame AND having one of the best turtle units in the game allowed me to push into #10 range quite early. 25 was a bit too early as I had to learn the (semi-) hard way.

We had no intel on #10 slater - Arwen - Lizardfolk for about 10 days so we checked the explorers surviving in his range. We saw #13 Gothia - Say auf wiedersehen - Goblin had around the same DP as me and only a little incoming at that time so I decided to go for it.

Bad call: Entering his range I was forced to rezone most of my incomings to forest and train some longbowmen to be able to slowly zone in more and more smithies. In the end my gained income from the invasion was lost on low smiths, rezones and spec DP. But I survived.
I hopped in and out of #10 range while they were slowly growing / bottomfeeding ahead. But each day the gap became closer.

day 36 2022-01-12 23:59:29 I can't even (#3) invaded Die Hard (#14) and captured 193 land.
day 34 2022-01-11 05:59:46 I can't even (#3) invaded Itll End in Tears (#0) and captured 148 land.
day 29 2022-01-05 21:59:23 I can't even (#3) invaded Graveyard Shift (#2) and captured 165 land.

The Road Block[edit]

Around the same time I started pushing high offensive power. The idea was to threaten a rezone hit on them if they decided to 5:4 on someone while in my range and thus I lowered their sendable OP by a lot.

LarsO - Drizzt D’Urden - Goblin was left behind as a kind of road block to stop attechers from growing which worked for a few days but my op push and rezone potential totally killed their strategy and allowed all my packmates to grow unpressured by him.

day 33 2022-01-10 06:59:39 Victorious on the battlefield, I’m so fat (#3) conquered 142 land from Breaking the Silence (#1).
day 33 2022-01-10 06:59:10 Victorious on the battlefield, I totally hate drama (#3) conquered 162 land fromHuh?! (#7).
day 33 2022-01-10 03:58:25 Victorious on the battlefield, I look so gross (#3) conquered 179 land from Huh?!(#7).

After we outplayed #10 Larso - Goblin, #10 did set up the next, even stronger roadblock: #10 Slater - Arwen - Lizard.
But this time we closed the gap even faster and we set up the next rezone threat.

sizzler - #3 - sylvan was out when #14 oak - sylvan left very little dp home on his attack. I decided to hit Oak because my rezone potential was still enough to kill arwen if he decides to hit me or sizzler.

day 40 2022-01-17 14:59:43 I can't even (#3) invaded Oak (#14) and captured 194 land.

I even told sizzler he could release his draftees because it would be nonsense for arwen to hit him.. what an idiot I was. Sorry Sizzler.

day 40 2022-01-17 17:59:58 Arwen Undómiel (#10) invaded fellow dominion I totally hate drama (#3) and captured 268 land.

which forced me to rezone (115% hit) immediatly after my land from the previous attack came in.

day 41 2022-01-18 03:56:57 I can't even (#3) invaded Arwen Undómiel (#10) and captured 362 land.

I was safe from suicide from arwen by a few thousands dp and he was forced to deconvert shortly afterwards.

I was huge now (+1100 acres in 1 day) but my economy was dead. On top of it I fucked up my buildings (dont make unnecessary decisions at 4 am) by building 200 homes when my employment was gonna be dead for 2 days afterwards anyway. Then #6 decided to war us. Luckily they chose to fball me who had 15k more potential peasants than jobs anyway and had already good forest haven prepared for such circumstances. We were far more scared they would change targets to #3- jboy - nox who we thought would win the round if left untouched by war. Sizzler got sunk but no big economic damage was done to him.

End Game[edit]

Only 2 threats left from #10: playt0i - buddy - lyc had a huge lead but had no fighting power left bottomfeeding most of the round. And #10 pasi - thranduil - halfer who was weaker but bigger than arwen.
Other Attechers benefited from our power plays and after my rezone hit I got slowly overtaken by some of them. #8 Woodie - Mris took the lead in strongest welf and had great support from his Orc and Dwarf. #7 Troll - Bryn was looking to be as strong as Jboys Nox and they had a strong Gnome - Poige support as well.
While I spent my days rezoning, building lands and slowly getting my military up and running, #7 and #8 forced everyone else in a kind of stalemate by pushing high op now with a lot of potential suicide threats hanging around. At the same time #10 lyc just kept bfeeding, increasing his lead continuously.
Then #8 decided to war #7 and killed the troll with fireballs, escalating the situation even further. Jboy was slowed down. Time was running out.

Hit on Legolas #10[edit]

I had spent my last week rebuilding my army when I wondered how fast #10 exploring Sylvan - Legolas - Crazy Elf was growing. He was as big as #10 buddy - lyc and would definitely overtake him by the end of the game. We got his intel and I was surprised how low his DP was. We decided to set up a rezone hit on him in 24-36 hours, pushing pure OP and stacking plat on my now good economy.
We decided to hit him while he was supposed to be sleeping (got his sleep pattern from previous intel) to limit his rezone potential, instead of hitting him a few hours later with a fresh daily platinum. We only learned how crucial this decision was a few days later from OD Discord chat.
Realm 10 figured out we might try to aim legolas and yami calculated a very close (bit too close eh) defense plan of training spec dp and rezoning to forest.
So when the time to hit came I was just 1k op short. I had some troops incoming and we decided to check next hour again.
Crazy Elf was supposed to log in that hour and rezone a tiny bit of land into forest to be safe. But he was drinking the night before and drunk from beer and drunk from sleep deprivation he explored instead of rezoning. I was able to hit Legolas with 513k op vs his 512k dp for a 125% hit with perfect land. Wow

Day 47 2022-01-24 16:55:44 I can't even (#3) invaded Legolas (#10) and captured 483 land.

Meanwhile #7 and #8 pushed their suicide potential even further…

Final Days[edit]

This was the situation: #10 Buddy was first place by a large lead in land but no fighting power. #10 Thranduil did set up a huge suicide hit on whoever tries to take their throne.

Our Plan was: get jboy into position to win if #10 halfer suicides on me when I make my last attack (if he doesnt suicide me I would take first place). Everyone else was hoping I would get hit by halfer suicide and they could get first place by hitting him afterwards.

So Day 49 troll #7 decided to break the stalemate and sent out being open to a hit from #8 welf mris and jboy #3 nox. We felt the time was running out and decided for jboy to hit the troll. This was probably a mistake. In my head #7 had declared war back on #8 making it a mutual war and when #8 woodelf would hit #7 troll, #7 gnome could retal.

But it was no mutual…I dont know why I thought that… So when jboy hit #7 troll, #8 welf followed and undeclared war. Without the 5% op bonus he was safe from a retal from #7 gnome. Then #7 gnome decided to hit jboy instead.

I had a decision to make. I could hit #7 troll as well but was open to a semi suicide from #8… or I gambled. I hoped #7 troll would retal on #8 welf with a suicide as they ended his round (Fball, threatening suicides, welf hit).. and I read the situation right. #7 troll made a huge suicide hit on #8 welf, ending both their rounds and feeding me easy acres.

Day 49 2022-01-26 13:55:09 I can't even (#3) invaded I'd do anything for love...but i wont do Ross (#7) and captured 308 land.

Last Boss - Thranduil #10[edit]

Now all we needed was a small 75% for jboy to put him in a position to win as soon as halfer suicides me. But everyone else was bottomfeeding now. We found a nomad on low DP but jboy was 1.5k OP short to hit him and secure us the certain win! fuck…!

No other player was in range to beat Buddy #10 even if they got fed huge acres from halfer so he was free to suicide me as soon as I’d send. Alll I needed was a bottomfeed to win but I would need to leave a fifth of my druids home AND make a 95% forest rezone to be safe from a full halfer suicide. Impossible!

Last 18 hours started and It looked grim. I didnt think we would find a target and I pretty much gave up already. I was dead tired and I kinda hoped that invasion would get disabled so I could finally get some sleep. I logged in every 1-2 hours to see my OP wasn’t even close to finding a bottomfeed. I woke up to another one of my alarms in the early morning and I saw 200 new discord notifications... FUCK. My discord app was set to silent! FUCK FUCK. I logged in and everyone in my realm was going crazy for the last hour. Still not fully awake I asked “What is going on?” “TROLL #1 suicided” “what do I need to send?” “390k” Still not fully awake I rezoned as much as I could and just entered the numbers and pressed hit.

Day 50 2022-01-27 04:06:19 I can't even (#3) invaded Breaking the Silence (#1) and captured 284 land.

Immediately afterwards my status was swarmed with messages from #10. They started assassinating my draftees and lighting bolted me but that wasn’t enough. I was safe by merely 3k DP! Hour change came and I knew I was safe rezoning some more forest and recovering my morale. The next hour attacking got disabled. WOW what a thriller.

Jboy and Sizzler followed my hit and Jboy became #3 place.

FUN FACT: If I had hit the troll immediately (not waiting for the end of the hour to negate morale) I think I would’ve been hittable by thranduil.


A childhood dream fulfilled! I remember my high school days as a teenager playing dominion (appletree) looking up to all those older students playing the pro game while I was mostly busy suiciding someone (for burnt…) and finishing 2-3k acres. Still I was mesmerized by the game.... Then the sadness I felt when Ross decided to end it for all… and the joy I felt when I found OD again….

Thanks to my great realm! You kept on going when I already gave up. I get sentimental when I recap the last day's realm chat. Everyone was sacrificing his time to secure the win. Maginot and SlyDelvecchio thanks to you two for everything. Without you that last hit would not have been possible. Thanks for putting all your trust and effort into me.

Lamb, we packed the last rounds together and you always had my back. You are ready to end your round in an instant if it benefits the realm. You were the reason I created this woodelf and you gave me so much incredible insight on how to play him. Thank you for everything lamb! You’re an incredible guy!

Sizzler, as I said before, we learned to love you in the last round and this round you just kept going. Virchue get ready, Sizzler is sawing on your throne as master of intel. I trust his numbers more than mine and when he told me what to send on the last hit I never doubted a second. Updating top op, checking for targets constantly..and all this while playing an incredible sylvan himself. Thank you from all my heart!

Ooooh and jboy! I love you man. When I first came to OD I posted in PackFinder and landed in Jboy’s pack. We started playing as sucky sittechers, went over to fast attackers, converters and finally attechers. Each round sticking together, learning more about the game and growing us a team. This has been a great journey so far my friend and I dont think it’s the end already. To many more great rounds! Thank you!

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