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Ops can refer to more than one subject.

Ops is a term that refers to operations taken by spies and wizards.

  • Espionage (spy-ops)
    • Information gathering ops (info-ops): spy operations to gather information about other dominions.
    • Offensive operations (black-ops): spy operations used to damage other dominions.
  • Magic (spells, rarely used term wiz-ops)
    • Information gathering spells (info-ops, although the term is mostly only used to refer to the espionage variant): spells cast to obtain information about other dominions and realms.
    • Offensive operations (black-ops): spells cast to cause damage to other dominions.

Success Formulas[edit]

There are three formulas which determine the chance of success for ops. Attacker Ratio and Defender Ratio here refer to the relevant Spies Per Acre (SPA) or Wizards Per Acre (WPA) found on the Statistics page of your Advisor, and are

Info Ops[edit]

0.8^(2/((Your Ratio / Defender Ratio) * 1.4)^1.2))

Theft & Black Ops[edit]

0.7^(2/((Attacker Ratio / Defender Ratio) * 1.3)^1.2)

Examples (Outdated)[edit]

As a general idea of how often you should be successful, some examples of the success rate at any given type of operation are given below. Please keep in mind that these are probabilities, and that individual variance can and will affect you at various points in time. It is not a bug in the formula if you fail a 75% chance four times in a row; you merely got somewhat unlucky. Additionally, the ratios mentioned are relative to each other, i.e. 1 WPA to 0.5 WPA is the same as 2 WPA to 1 WPA, and include any bonuses or penalties you may have.

Damage Reduction Formula[edit]

As of Round 31, damage from black ops is reduced based on the target's spy/wizard ratio.

Damage Reduction[edit]

DaysModifier = (0.025 * (DayInRound - 4) + 0.5

(Ratio / 2 / DaysModifier) * 100% with a max of 50% reduction at 0.5 on Day 4, 1.0 on Day 24, and 1.5 on Day 44

The damage reduction based on a dominion's ratio is additive with other damage reduction bonuses and caps at 80%. The ratio required to reach the cap of -50% scales linearly throughout the round (from 0.5 to 1.5).

See Also[edit]

Type of Op Relative Ratios and Success Notes
Info Ops 1:4 ratio: 20.7%

1:2 ratio: 50.4%

1:1 ratio: 74.2%

2:1 ratio: 87.8%

Having half the ratio of your target means you can somewhat reliably get information on them, if you do not mind losing spies in the process.
Theft & Black Ops 1:4 ratio: 1.3%

1:2 ratio: 30.2%

1:1 ratio: 59.4%

2:1 ratio: 79.7%.

It is only when you have an equal ratio, or close to it, that thieving becomes worthwhile for you to do, depending on what your target has stocked up and how hard you need what you're trying to steal.