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Round 11 was the final round without invasions. It started on the 1st of February 2019 and ended on the 23rd of March 2019.

Round Win Story[edit]

Round 11
Winner 🥇
Player: Davao Elf
Dominion: davao elf winning
Race: Firewalker
Second 🥈
Name: Dreki
Dominion: 🔥
Race: Firewalker
Third 🥉
Name: Lieke
Dominion: Burn
Race: Goblin
Changes: Round 11/Changes
Valhalla: Link

This is the last round before attacking was introduced and the first round Firewalker was added. I thought that FW would owned Goblin due to additional 33% plat prod on alchemy. It would just be a matter of execution. Landed in the same realm with Dreki playing Firewalker. This round is the highest land attained in all peaceful exploring rounds. From playing DC, I figured out that running 800 DM's vs running higher north of 1000 DM's doesn't differ much on higher acres. So that played the difference.

The Dominion of davao elf winning


Ruler: davao elf

Race: Firewalker

Land: 17,242

Peasants: 260,457

Employment: 100.00%

Networth: 453,420

Prestige: 250


Platinum: 11,282,199

Food: 117,002

Lumber: 157,138

Mana: 95,967

Ore: 822,000

Gems: 117,296

Research Points: 0

Boats: 0


Morale: 100%

Draftees: 27,404

Fire Sprite: 5,715

Flamewolf: 0

Phoenix: 0

Salamander: 0

Spies: 113

Wizards: 12

ArchMages: 0


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