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Aliases: Liz, lizzie
Introduced: Round 11
Round Wins: 0
Attacker: Intermediate
Explorer: Advanced
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Evil
Land type: Water
Scribes: [1]

Lizardfolk is the evil spy race which is good at fast attacking and exploring. Being a spy race (having military units that count as part-spies) is helpful in that almost no one will try to steal your platinum and most dominions will have difficulties obtaining spy ops on you. Their elite OP unit is quite inexpensive, efficient, has no ore cost, and does not need boats, all of which make them a prime attacking race; however, their inefficient DP makes speed a necessity. The Chameleons are almost always accompanied by Serpents to reduce the DP spendings.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Max Population: +5%
  • Spy Strength: +10%
  • Food Consumption: -15%

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Reptile 3 0 275 0 No boats needed
Serpent 0 3 275 0
Chameleon 4 4 900 0 No boats needed. Counts as 1/4 of a spy on offence, 1/5 of a spy on defense.
Lizardmen 6 2 1075 0 No boats needed

General information[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Erosion: 20% of captured land automatically re-zoned into water.

The spell is not often used. But if you can spare the mana, it saves some rezoning costs if you want to build homes.


  • No boats needed
  • Cheap and efficient offensive elite
  • Spy race (Chameleons count as spies, rarely need to train normal spies)
  • No ore needed
  • Low food consumption


  • Inefficient and somewhat expensive DP
  • Loses DP on failed spy operations
  • Very poor spell
  • Poor converter

Good for[edit]

  • Explorers with almost any amount of experience
  • Inactive players
  • Moderate to experienced attackers