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Aliases: Kobbo
Introduced: Round 15
Round Wins: 2
Attacker: Advanced
Explorer: Advanced
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Good
Land type: Hills
Scribes: [1]

Kobold is one of the fastest races in Dominion. It has to be, because it is also the least efficient. Due to this inefficiency, they receive an enormous population bonus, handy unit bonuses, and a nice spell, putting them either on par with or ahead of the other races during early and mid round. Late round is the bane of Kobolds everywhere, and one will only survive to the end with a large land and population advantage over more efficient races.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Max Population: +40%
  • Population Growth Rate: +10%
  • Food Consumption: -30%
  • Spy Strength: -10%
  • Wizard Strength: -10%
  • Boat capacity: +10

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Grunt 2 0 245 20
Underling 0 2 250 20
Beast 0 3* 960 0 For every one Beast, if you have one Overlord at home to match the Beast, then defensive power of the Beast increases by 2.
Overlord 3* 2 875 55 For every one Overlord, if you have one Grunt being sent on the attack to match the Overlord being sent on the attack, the offensive power of the Overlord increases by 2.

General information[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Howling: Increases defensive and offensive military strength by 10% (not cumulative with other spells)

One of the strongest spells in the game for attackers though explorers can stick to Ares' Call.


  • Very cheap OP
  • Huge population bonus
  • Population growth bonus is a huge boost in protection
  • Great spell
  • Increased power from unit-pairing
  • High racial population bonus causes prestige to give a higher population bonus


  • Very inefficient
  • Very expensive elite DP
  • Lots of trouble with Troll in late-round