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All races have four military units and three non-military units.


Units are trained from draftees, which are drafted from peasants at a rate of 1% per hour, until draft rate has been reached and occurs before population growth each hour. Each draftee gives you 1 DP.

All units have a defensive power and an offensive power (OP), although this value can be 0 making such units unusable for defending if 0 DP or invading if 0 OP.

Many units also have a special ability, which you can find by checking the articles for races.

Draft Rate[edit]

You can set your draft rate (from 0% to 90%) from the Military page. Once reached, you will not draft more peasants until you have either increased your population or lost or released units to under your draft rate.


The first two units are specialists units (specs for short). As the name implies, they are specialised in either offense or defense.

Most specs have 3 points of OP or DP.

It takes nine hours to train specs.


The second two units are elite units. They are typically much stronger than the specialists but cost much more.

It takes 12 hours to train elites.

Non-Military Units[edit]

These units cost 500 platinum each except Arch Mages which cost 1000 platinum (1500 platinum with the 500 platinum for the wizard which is trained into an Arch Mage).

  • Spies: used for espionage.
  • Wizards: used for offensive spells.
  • Arch Mages: counts as two wizards each and cannot be assassinated. Trained from Wizards instead of draftees.

Due to their cost, not everyone trains Arch Mages. Many attackers opt for just enough wizards to get by and instead spend their resources on military units.

Some races (Halfling, Sylvan, Dark Elf, and Lizardfolk) have elite units which count as partial spies and wizards. These races rarely train spies (for spy races) or wizards (for wizard races), instead relying on their elite unit special ability.


Most units require boats in order to be sent out to invade. Exceptions include, but aren't limited to, Lizardfolk or Merfolk units and the Spirit Spirit Warrior unit.

Each boat carries 30 units, unless you are playing Kobold, and are produced by docks.