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General Changes

  • Quickstart options are now available for all races in Attacker and Explorer variants and can be started at Hour 61 or 73 (Orc is only available as an attacker. Wood Elf, Gnome, Kobold and Icekin are only available as explorers.)
  • Research Points gained on attack down to 15 OR daysInRound/2, whichever is HIGHER
  • Snare will now reduce target wizard strength by 2% (from 2.5%)
  • Blackop damage now diminishes after 60 hours of war down to 65% effectiveness at 96 hours
  • One-way War: Blackops now have a 25% chance to gain 1 prestige
  • Mutual War: +2 prestige for success, -1 for failure
  • Titles for Most Invaded and Most Fortified are being removed
  • Titles for Most Conquered and Most Explored acres are being revamped to reflect actual, current conquered and explored acres and will no longer reflect cumulative totals
  • Wonders are back! Wonder HP will follow the DC formula, more information forthcoming
  • New titles for Most Wonder Damage and Most Wonders Destroyed are being added
  • Attacks will no longer be allowed by dominions with less than 80% morale
  • 4 NPDs will now spawn in each realm prior to OOP
  • 2/3 of NPDs will spawn between 400 and 500a and have an average DP of: 0.0036 * Land^2.152

Racial Changes

  • Dwarf: Miner to 350p, 20r, Ore Investment Bonus to 15 % (-5r on Miners,+5 % Ore Investment Bonus)
  • Gnome: 'New' racial spell: Miner's Sight. (Dwarf spell, also Gnome spell from Round 15). Juggernauts are now 6*/3, offence increased by 0.5 against dominions 75%+ of your size, offence increased by 1 against dominions 85%+ of your size
  • Goblin: Hobgoblin Plunder now generates 1 hour of raw production of target OR 20 plat / 5 gems per surviving Hobgoblin, whichever is LOWER
  • Kobold: Grunt to 245p,20r (+10p,+5r)
  • Human/Nomad: Knight/Blademaster to 1025p, Cavalry/Valkyrie to 1225p (+25p on Elite D,-25p on Elite O)
  • Lizardfolk: Lizardmen to 1150p, Chameleons to 875p (+100p on LM,-25p on Chams)
  • Lycanthrope: Werewolf to 3/4, population bonus to +5 %, (-1 OP on Werewolves,-5 % max pop,)
  • Orc: Bone Breaker: 7/2, Offence decreased by 1 for every 10 % GT, max -1. Cost increased to 1075p (+25p)
  • Dark Elf: +10% wiz power racial

Building Changes

  • Forest Havens: Now produce 20 Lumber/hour.
  • Wizard Guilds: Wizard strength bonus no longer affects Dark Elves
  • Docks: Boat protection now max(2.5, daysInRound*0.1)

Spell Changes

  • New Spell: Cyclone - Damages Wonders - 3.5x cost - Cyclone will deal damage based on: 5 * Acres * min(WPA, 1)
  • New Spell: Mindswell - Your next attack* on a Wonder generates Research Points - 1x cost - 12 hour cooldown
  • Attacks on wonders with Mindswell active will generate Research Points above a minimum OP threshold, min(daysInRound-3, 15)% * MaxHP

Mindswell RPs will be generated based on: 4000 / (0.9 + Land/5000)

Wonders Introduced

  • Wonders will begin appearing on day 6 when three core wonders will appear, each having 150k HP.
    • A new wonder will appear every 48 hours, following the DC HP model.

--Wonders not controlled by a realm will be targetable by any dominion not in the Emperor's Royal or Elite Guard.

    • A Wonder controlled by another realm will only be targetable by dominions not in a guard and with an active war declaration.
  • Great Market: Buildings employ 10% more peasants, 20% bonus on national bank exchanges
  • Guild of Shadows: +25% spy power, reduce spy losses by 15%
  • Ancient Library: +10% value to Castle investments
  • Halls of Knowledge: +15% research points generated
  • Great Oracle: +25% wizard power, mana costs reduced by 20%
  • High Cleric's Tower: Everyone in Realm can kill Undead. Dark Elf Spirit Warriors attacking owner's Realm die like other units
  • Ivory Tower: 50% chance of causing spells cast against owner's realm to fail
  • Underground Society: 50% chance of causing spy operations against owner's realm to fail
  • Factory of Legends: Reduces building construction platinum cost by 25%
  • Imperial Armada: Boats cannot be sabotaged in this Realm
  • Spire of Illusion: Clear Sights on the controlling realm's dominions are now only 85% accurate
  • Onyx Mausoleum: Attacks against dominions in the the realm controlling this wonder suffer 25% more casualties than normal
  • Wizard Academy: Reduces spell damage done to controlling realm by 50%
  • School of War: Barracks house 5 additional troops

Test Round Changes

The following are intended changes and will all be appearing in the upcoming test round. Feedback and results from the test round will inform final changes on these items for round 20:

  • Landgen, Prestige and RPs will no longer be awarded after 2nd hits on the same dominion within 8 hours (this means one dominion hitting the same target 3 or more times)
  • Tech cost will now scale with cumulative acres as the larger of:
    • Highest Landsize Achieved * 6.4
    • Cumulative Acres Gained * 6.4 * 35%
    • 3780