Round 19/Changes

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General Changes

  • Realm size will start at 14 (12 Players, and 2 Non-Player Dominions).
  • Maximum pack size increased to 5 (from 4)
  • Maximum number of packed players per realm increased to 7 (from 5)
  • Players in packs of maximum size must select 5 unique races
  • Race changes are limited to 3 players of a specific race amongst all packed players in a realm
  • You can no longer redeclare war on the same realm for 24 hours after canceling
  • Prestige cap for invasion changed to a flat 150 (from 15% of current prestige)
  • Spell mana costs: Revelation decreased to 1x (from 1.2x), Vision increased to 1x (from 0.5x), Fireball decreased to 3x (from 3.3x), Lightning Bolt decreased to 3.5x (from 4x)
  • Harbor Improvement: bonuses are doubled for boat protection/production
  • Wizard Strength Regen now gains +1 under 25% Wizard strength, down from +1 under 30% Wizard strength previously
  • Magic Snare damage reduced to 2.5% per op (from 3%)

Building Changes

  • Forest Havens: now increase spy power by 2% per 1% owned (max +20% at 10%), training cost reduction increased to 4% per 1% owned (max -40% at 10%)
  • Wizard Guilds: now increase wizard power by 2% per 1% owned (max +20% at 10%), training cost reduction increased to 4% per 1% owned (max -40% at 10%), spell cost reduction changed to 3% per 1% owned (max -30% at 10%)

Racial Changes

  • Dark Elf: Removed +10% wizard strength
  • Dark Elf Adept: Wizard Guild requirement decreased to 8% (from 10%) per point
  • Lycanthrope: Homes moved to forest (from cavern)
  • Orc Voodoo Magi: Added reduces combat losses, prestige requirement decreased to 500 (from 600) per point, +30p
  • Sylvan: Removed -10% rezone cost
  • Sylvan: Warsong Racial Spell (+10% OP) removed and a new Racial spell, Verdant Bloom has been introduced: 35% of conquered acres are automatically rezoned to forest
  • Sylvan Centaur: Offense increased to 5.5 (from 5)