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Round 13
Winner 🥇
Player: Kari
Dominion: Fables (#8)
Race: Icekin
Second 🥈
Name: Sparticus
Dominion: Ayo STOP (#3)
Race: Icekin
Third 🥉
Name: Ed
Dominion: We are the Forest (#23)
Race: Nomad
Changes: Round 13/Changes
Valhalla: Link

Round 13 started on June 13th and ended on the August 2nd, 2019.

Round Win Story


Realm 8 is Cold Truth.

Kari, Rio and IC,

Peter and Chris too.

A pack of Slackers,

All very very rusty

yet still addicted!

50 days prior

Did not expect a Round Win...

Here is the Fable:

One Icekin, two Trolls!

Bad bug out of protection;

Expected restart.

Played it as it lied.

We made a lot of mistakes...

Got hit quite a bit

Don’t want attention?

Do not name yourself Lorian!

You may get sui’d.

Anyone order

A Grande Frappucino?

He hits from left field.

Peter joins our team

as Implement Black Ops Plz:

The greatest ops bitz

Chris: Screeching Abyss

Made his first attacks this round!

Happy you joined us!

So many Gobbos!

A war between 3 and 4--

Converters catch up.

Convert was the plan.

But there were too few targets;

Stacking slowed the round.

I chased after Spart

Sometimes not very safely...

But it did pay off.

Once Spart got attacked

I trained all the Frostmages.


Then I just sat here!

Thanks for the top bantz all round;

Realm 8 is the best.

In all seRiousness, just want to thank my realmies for the great ‘refresher’ round. The pack agreed to slack hardcore this round and all totally failed at it. We also managed to hide Rio’s identity until the very end.

I always meant to convert at around 3500 acres, but thought against it after my pack and I realized that the round was stagnating, and that a runaway explorer could have a shot at winning. My build would have looked very different had I known I’d be exploring all round.

Exploring for the win might seem pretty easy, but I would actually beg to differ -- it’s easier than attacking but the amount of tactical flexibility and general activity required is still pretty nuts, especially if you’re chasing after someone else and you know the top attackers would all love to hit you. I’ve certainly lost a lot more sleep than expected when we started out.

- Kari

Invisible Child

Here goes my attempt

Never written a Haiku

But when if not now

I am just kidding

only Kari can do this.

And Yami, I s'pose.

It was a great round, my first in a really long time. It all started about a week before last round's end when Kari wrote me on Facebook to let me know Dom has been resurrected (and with invasions!). I don't think she was planning on actually playing but someone had asked her to go through her contacts and she duly did. Between the rounds I suggested we slack pack it, and to look for a willing third, and it didn't take too much to convince her and Rio to join.

We chose slow races with vague plans to convert (Rio early, me around 2k, Kari 3/3.5k) if we feel like it. Eventually Rio couldn't resist and decided to attack OOP (wasn't too badly affected by the bug, as Kari informed him on time thanks to Discord). I was quite encouraged by the number of early gobos that registered and so happy with my choice of troll, but it turned out we had a total of like 5 to feed on late round... disappointing. We were all quite rusty - Kari got hit early on, and Rio bounced and then got semi-suid by #3, meanwhile I got hit three times by #3 and #4 before realizing goblin has the 10% attack spell and I was going around underdefended... all before even making it to 1k. At least having been hit so many times, people quickly realized I wasn't actually Lorian and that got the target off my back.

From then on it was relatively straightforward, just chugging along massing DMs (750 total) and biding my time. I stuck 1 acre outside Guess #3's range and stopped to convert around 2.2k on 33k peasants day 21 or so, as I had 5 days of vacation time to stack plat. Unfortunately my timing was bad, as stagnation at that time really shot DPAs up so by the time I managed to do my first attack, I was really slowed down. Furthermore I did it quite old school, instead of patiently waiting like Blackreign (Wonderboy #9) did (he started to convert in worse economic condition than me but by the end had like 5k smashers more thanks to stacking plat longer). The other trick I missed on was Masonries - I didn't realize they were quite so imba until like week 5.

By the time I converted, Sly (Waldrio #3) had begun his epic game of 5:4 chicken with Fukushima #3, so it was quite clear that we won't be able to impact the round. Therefore we agreed with Kari that she has a good shot at running away by abandoning her convert plans and continuing to explore. Rio helped her out by suiciding into Chernobyl, so he couldn't protect his buddy anymore, and my goal was to stay in range to be able to take ops for her of the other converters when she ran away from them. My secondary goal was to hit all the gobs in #3 and #4, which I called the "Trail of Gobo blood"

2019-07-24 18:01:24 Victorious on the battlefield, Lord Ian’s Return (#8) conquered 181 land from Water Under The Bridge (#3).

2019-07-27 11:07:18 Sadly, the forces of Lord Ian’s Return (#8) were beaten back by Fukushima (#4). - this was a missend of brutes only while I was calculating the OP I had vs. gobos drunk during Christopher Street day... still counts as I killed about 5k def worth of shammies Big Grin dev team I suggest a UI change to allow trolls to hit a checkbox (target is goblin) or something.

2019-07-28 20:59:18 Victorious on the battlefield, Lord Ian’s Return (#8) conquered 217 land from Guess I’m down (#3).

2019-07-29 19:59:19 Victorious on the battlefield, Lord Ian’s Return (#8) conquered 185 land from Guess I’m down (#3).

Unfortunately Toothy chickened out of sending on the last day, otherwise I would've added his scalp here as well Tongue

And yeah, we saw it off safely until the end I suppose. The last day was a bit of a damp squib I gotta say, with all top players just chilling.

Congratulations to Kari for an awesome win... everybody hating on exploring ftw being too easy does not realize the amount of tactical versatility one needs to pull it off (she changed course at least 4 times in her chase of Spart), sleep lost (she was online all the time, with alarms overnight etc... unlike others who Im fairly certain used scripts), as well as how much information gathering is actually needed. There were numerous occasions where I was catching people outside of her range stacking up to murder her or Spart, and eventually he got caught...

Thanks to Rio, Peter and Chris for the banter on whatsapp.

Congrats to davao elf on a round well played - he really exploited his position under the gobos in #4 well by making risky sends when they were protecting him. Also to Ed for being a boss and dominating the latter stages.

I have two regrets from the round: that I finished smaller than BR (Gabbe's fault for laming me at the end in order to capture biggest pack) and that I didn't hit Chernobyl. I hope to have the chance to remedy both next round!

The Dominion of Lord Ian’s Return


Ruler: Lorian

Race: Troll

Land: 4,111

Peasants: 16,787

Employment: 100.00%

Networth: 915,658

Prestige: 435

Boats: 2,039


Morale: 100%

Draftees: 2,187

Brute: 20,363

Ogre: 3,340

Basher: 1,154

Smasher: 48,192

Spies: 2,150

Wizards: 383

ArchMages: 470


Dominion was back! With attacking! Merf, Fett and I had signed up about 21-22 days into last round, tried to get the rust worked out… turns out there was still many lessons to learn! That was fun as hell and we all appreciate everyone putting in time into this game, it's such a thrill to be back hanging with everyone.

Yeah this post is long as hell, I know you don't need all these details, but I am acting as a historian so that when we see this game again in 10 years, we can go back and remember the little things our pack cared about.

  • turns hat sideways*

Now this is the story all about how

My life got flipped, turned upside down

And we'd like to thank Wavehack, the devs and y'all

For giving us dominion back, our social life slowed to a crawl

In the realm #4 Plain Sea, born and raised

On the dom calculators, you know you find merf, davao, fett, tooths, and martaize

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool

While calcing out realm 3 playing like fools

When a couple of goobos, they were up to no good

Started making trouble in our neighbourhood

Started pumping raiders and temples, who knows to what end

It caught Merf by surprise, I thought y'all were friends!

We whistled for some backup, but nobody came

Realized we were the only two attacking realms who had numbers in this range

If anything I could say that this duel was rare

But we thought man whatever, #3 vs #4 was like the tortoise and hare!

We took advantage of timing and knew our build was greater

And we yelled to the neighbors "Yo, homes smell you later!"

Looked at the competition and their numbers took a bound!

As we sat on our offence for the rest of the round

The round started out wildly, there was a game breaking bug that doubled everyones defence OOP. We discovered the bug and knew exactly how it worked. Defensive raw numbers were doubled, and mods on top. Davao was the one who figured it out, and we all confirmed it by looking at our own dominions. We immediately let Fett and the main Discord server know, but it was only with about 10 mins left. Everyone said not to send, but we told the channel exactly what the bug entailed so we had no problem attacking as long as we could accurately calc def. Merf and toothy hit wavehack who built his troops at the wrong time and came out on high acres and (double) land def.

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Trezzahn (#4) conquered 40 land from ELCOO (#25).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Buh Hug owhten ugh LatVi (#4) conquered 38 land from utopian oasis (#5).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Buh Hug owhten ugh LatVi (#4) conquered 43 land from utopian oasis (#5).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Buh Hug owhten ugh LatVi (#4) conquered 41 land from Je vader (#20).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Three Mile Island (#4) conquered 30 land from FartiesInMySmarties (#17).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Three Mile Island (#4) conquered 46 land from Je vader (#20).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Three Mile Island (#4) conquered 52 land from Je vader (#20).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Chernobyl (#4) conquered 61 land from Je vader (#20).

Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Chernobyl (#4) conquered 70 land from Je vader (#20).

This gave us an absolutely massively better OOP than everyone else. Fett stayed out of it just because of optics, you can't be a dev and part of a realm that "Discovers a bug" and farms out another dev. It's pretty impressive that he still kept up with everyone. 12 hours OOP Merf was #1, Toothy #2 and Davao #3. We were pumped with how it all went even though we sort of assumed it might be paused or reset, though that never happened. Also 12 hours OOP the top 7 NW's were from two realms, us and #3. Bobbo's realm was really strong and we knew they would be the main barrier to a successful round. They had a 3 pack, and 2 very talented vets, and Dhara who was the roommate of SLZ and a very good ops bitz for them, jealous!!

At hour 24 Merf was the biggest dominion in the game and was hit by Opus Perfectus. He was cool with it cuz after he was hit, Rulezz was the biggest guy in the game, and Merf had the OP to break him. Merf tried 6 different combinations of troops to send at him, and the game kept telling him that it was not sendable due to the 5:4 suicide rule, even though he wasn't sending over 5:4. It turns out there was a bug that was adding extra (land def) to his offence, so the game thought he was sending more def than he was. We didn’t wait for this to fix itself so merf hit Gabbe instead because we knew he had a scary build (210 DM's OOP, that is some brave ass building). Merf hit Gabbe and we sort of decided out strat was to hit trolls and efficient players who could catch up to us later in the round.

24 hours OOP realm #3 started to pump OP and overbuild smithies by about 10% expecting to get land. They even built some spec OP and some temples, we were very curious to see what their plan was. 24 hours OOP the top 6 largest dominions and the top 7 strongest were all in #3 and #4, and the snowman was the only one keeping up with size. Merf started to pump OP because his cheap SW allow him to out train all the gobbos. Unfortunately the gobbos raiders took Merf by surprise and they double tagged him after he hit their biggest icer, Spart.

2019-06-22 07:56:23 The free folk (#3) invaded Three Mile Island (#4) and captured 81 land.

2019-06-22 06:58:30 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 103 land from Silverfern (#6).

2019-06-22 04:59:12 Guess I’m down (#3) invaded Three Mile Island (#4) and captured 88 land.

2019-06-21 22:58:26 Victorious on the battlefield, Three Mile Island (#4) conquered 134 land from Ayo STOP (#3).

First shot fired on #3 Davao dumped 800 brutes and had Bobbo in his sights, he didn't want there to be 3 gobbos competing with our 2 gobbos and 1 other race. At this point he was the biggest attacker in the game, which was wild for troll! He got it done and Bobbo basically disappeared from contention Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Buh Hug owhten ugh LatVi (#4) conquered 72 land from Water Under The Bridge (#3). Link 2019-06-18 00:55:02

Day 6 merf was about to send on ayo STOP, didn’t realize that he destroyed 114 buildings and rezoned to mountains at the last second saving him. Instead he hit Fables a big icer in 8, toothy hit Lorian the same hour Victorious on the battlefield, realmie Three Mile Island (#4) conquered 88 land from Fables (#8). Link 2019-06-18 04:30:38

Guess I'm Down kept pumping raiders and was within 100 of breaking merf before the Fables land came in, Merf released his spies and built def specs to try to keep it over the hump.

2019-06-24 13:15:46 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 127 land from The free folk (#3).

This left Vapro as the only guy left to take us on, and we both had way more efficient builds. He stuck around for a VERY long time and gave great coverage to Sly who was converting.

Day 15 we decided to make the switch to hobgoblins because 9hr attack was going to be so rare with the lack of targets out there.

Day 18 at 2:30 am Cody realized he was close to hitting Free Folk all in, luckily we had 200k ore sitting around because of our switch to hobbos, and he was able to pump it into forges, just barely getting him enough op to make the biggest hit of the round, making free folk also lose about 2100 offence which was sitting at the time. 2019-06-30 08:28:53 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 165 land from The free folk (#3).

Day 20 we waited all day for Silverfern's ares call to come off, we had merf waiting for hr change to rev him, internetfett getting a castle right at hour change, and I hit him less than 10 seconds after it came off. I got lucky because I was having ops failed on myself from Silverfern 30 seconds after the hit, so he was online to cast, just hadn't done it yet. This was the new biggest hit of the round. 2019-07-02 03:00:23 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 171 land from Silverfern (#6).

Day 21 Merf baited Guess I'm Down into hitting him, neutralizing his offence and allowing Toothy to send out. Merf was on comms with Guess I'm Down saying he was just going to make sure he bounced by releasing spirit warriors, this got Guess to send with time left in the hour, and Toothy needed him to in order to send safely. Both Toothy and InternetFett got bigger land than Guess did, furthering the distance between us. InternetFett had been eyeing the Canopus for 36+ hours and the lizzie was hittable the whole time, he let toothy have one and he planned to hit the lizzie again 12 hours after his hit on Silverfern. 2019-07-03 18:58:09 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 160 land from Canopus (#21). 2019-07-03 18:41:53 Guess I’m down (#3) invaded Three Mile Island (#4) and captured 134 land. 2019-07-03 17:56:26 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 158 land from Silverfern (#6).

So once it seemed imminent that we were going to hit Guess I'm Down, the last attacking dominion that meant anything to us, we started planning a raze/hit on him. We had a private discord server than had Bobbo, vapro, slz and a few pals we consider friends… Fett posted this in the MAIN channel, not our private channel

InternetFettToday at 11:38 PM

Gonna need toothy raw Temple number

And what land you and Guess will be on to make sure the raze works

It was late so Fett was sleeping, we were pinging him on discord and merf was messaging on facebook telling him to delete!! It was very damn stressful





omg bro lol





lol are you fucking shitting me

Vapro (the guy we were about to raze) was posting in main channel but didn't see this one in the private server even though it sat there for 15 mins.

Stressful! At this point Fett was for sure our best bet for the round so Toothy relegated himself to razer and we put all our efforts behind Fett. The raze/hit worked and our gobbos were able to absolutely floor it for a bit and gained 750-1000 acres in a couple days. Vapro saw the raze and realized what was happening but was on mobile, before he could release his 3500 raiders Fett hit him, and Vapro still released his raiders, neutralizing his offence.

2019-07-04 06:10:10 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 201 land from Guess I’m down (#3).

2019-07-04 06:10:07 Sadly, the forces of Chernobyl (#4) were beaten back by Guess I’m down (#3).

Day 28 This night there was a particularly heated exchange between disco and spart and merf on discord, they were accusing us of cheating and stuff. The next morning both toothy and internetfett got huge hits. Sly made his first hit of the round, and Fett hit him the next hour very easily. Apparently they calced 5:4 wrong and thought he was completely safe. If waldrio hadn't have sent, Fett would have hit Mulla and I wouldn't have found a hit, but because they miscalced and sent, we both got 300 acres. Icecatraz was sitting on 9M ore and we assumed it was for a massive forge dump. We didn't think he would send on Toothy because it would make him vulnerable to a retal, maybe two of them. He dumped forges to 16% and had to send out some frost mages, opening the door for Fett to make another big hit. This slingshotted Fett into a massively strong position at my expense, which was basically what we had decided would happen anyway.

2019-07-11 08:53:08 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 232 land from Where's WaldRIO? (#3).

2019-07-11 01:01:52 Sadly, the forces of Chernobyl (#4) were beaten back by Where's WaldRIO? (#3).

2019-07-10 23:58:14 Where's WaldRIO? (#3) invaded Fukushima (#4) and captured 354 land.

2019-07-10 23:55:50 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 233 land from Ice-Catraz (#5).

2019-07-10 17:58:31 Ice-Catraz (#5) invaded Chernobyl (#4) and captured 297 land.

2019-07-10 13:56:30 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 181 land from Let's Talk About 6 Baby (#12).

2019-07-10 11:56:52 Victorious on the battlefield, Fukushima (#4) conquered 231 land from Where's WaldRIO? (#3).

By this point most of the converters were converting/ed. Most folks seemed to know that if you were converting… the smart move was to just keep exploring rather than sitting for a long time. We get that people wanted a piece of the action so I'm sure lots converted despite knowing it wasn't a super smart long term decision. Fables started converting, built boats and some OP units, but then we saw that she pulled the chute and just decided to keep exploring. At this point we knew it would be a race between Kari and Spart to see who could explore for the win. There were like 9-15 dominions in our two gobbos range and it was VERY hard to find hits in that small target pool.

Day 39 was a trip

Town Crier for Plain Sea (#4)

2019-07-20 21:24:54 Victorious on the battlefield, Buh Hug owhten ugh LatVi (#4) conquered 194 land from Grande (#8).

2019-07-20 21:18:04 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 229 land from Grande (#8).

2019-07-20 20:58:46 Grande (#8) invaded Chernobyl (#4) and captured 346 land.

2019-07-20 12:59:07 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 242 land from ?? (#26).

2019-07-20 03:00:30 ?? (#26) invaded Chernobyl (#4) and captured 349 land.

2019-07-20 02:47:45 Victorious on the battlefield, Buh Hug owhten ugh LatVi (#4) conquered 180 land from Opus perfectus (#23).

2019-07-20 01:59:30 Victorious on the battlefield, Chernobyl (#4) conquered 191 land from Mir ist kalt (#7).

Davao was a non-stop troll hunter all round!

So after this, we just basically built troops and didn't send on anyone. I'm sorry I don’t have much else to say about the end of the round. Ed put on an absolute masterclass in timing. He hit me 10 seconds after my ares ran out and my clock kind of put me off the right track. He also hit Fett the SAME HOUR that Fett sent, when Fett left him 12s til the hr change, and Ed hit him with 2s to spare. This was all so impressive. Kari's econ carried her to the win, made all the more impressive after knowing she legitimately started a conversion then backed out of it.

Fett- You were our big brother all round. We all depended on your big numbers to keep us safe, and it helped us out so much. Congrats on being the largest full round attacker. Not many did it but you drove the game for the vast majority of the round. Unfortunately by growing so big so fast, it really reduced the available targets, and Fett basically had to stay home for the last week to keep other attackers in check. First world problems.

Merf - You started out guns blazing, then sort of fizzled out, and then implemented a wild ass strategy that most would never had considered. After releasing all his offence, Merf explored for quite a while and then started stacking resources. First, he destroyed all his smithies and explored some to get to 700 DM, then… after the imps were high, after 7-8 days, he destroyed all his DM and put them into 45% homes. Then, realizing how expensive this all was, he r/r his homes to full facts. Once he was at full facts he destroyed the rest of his home (went down to 0) for 18% smithies and ful WG. He threw 16.67% into temples, and then destroyed all his OM, docks, LY, and got up to 13.5% GN. The payoff for this psychotic build was a hit on Sly, which he had promised in about week 3. No one believed him. He finished the round with 457 peasants. Also, Merf was the only guy to hit the #1 and #2 biggest dominions, so that it something to hang your cowboy hat on.

2019-08-01 12:23:18 Victorious on the battlefield, Three Mile Island (#4) conquered 311 land from Where's WaldRIO? (#3).

Davao - You were an absolute troll killer right from the start. This helped the gobbos so much, what an awesome guy to have random into our realm. He finished with top prestige in the game, didn't get hit once, and was one of the few strong high improvement dominions that didn't resort to masons. Davao was the first to make a hit into realm #3, really setting the stage for how the rest of the round would go. This is all after accidentally releasing 800 smashers in week 2 when he was the biggest attacker. Patience is a virtue and Davao showed how it pays off this round. Absolutely HUGE props for finishing as the largest all round attacker.

Martaize - STRONG ARM MARTY was an absolute treat to have around. Always up to help with ops, always being like a sponge, soaking up everything he could to learn about the game. I'm glad you got your best finish ever, and I'm sure you're just gonna continue to improve. Positive attitudes can do wonders for morale, and Marty was the main source of this throughout the round. Thanks for building 2500 spies, we couldn't have made a bunch of hits without you!

Kari, congrats on the win. You hung out with us a lot and we all really enjoyed your company. Exploring for the win gets a bad rap but it's wild how much thinking ahead and math wizardry it takes to do properly. Your econ beat everyone else into the ground.

Bobbo, SLZ, Vapes, Yami, Kari, I love chatting with yall and appreciate the hangs we had in voice comms this round.

It's only a beta yall, let just have some fun.


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