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OpenDominion is a free online text-based strategy game in a medieval fantasy setting.

It is a free and open source remake of Dominion Classic by Kamikaze Games (Ross Wigdor), which ran from 2000 until 2012.


OpenDominion is divided into rounds which last 50 days each. Players may join at any time during these 50 days, but it is most common to sign up during what is called registration.

Once signed up and verified (email verification is required), the player can register for an open round. Once registered, the player is given a dominion (which can be likened to a kingdom) which in turn is placed inside a realm. All dominions start at the size of 250 acres and with a minute army. When registering, the player is asked to pick a dominion name and races.

Dominion can be played in many ways, including:

System requirements[edit]

Any modern web browser and an internet connection.

If you are logging in from a smartphone or tablet, you'll be pleased to know that OpenDominion has been optimized for mobile play.

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