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Production Advisor Screenshot


This is a natural resource that is produced inside an Alchemy building type.
Platinum is primarily used to train troops to attack and defend, and to explore, two of the more important things you will be doing in your Dominion.
The two primary ways in which you generate platinum is through employment of your peasants and alchemists.
The Alchemy can only be constructed on Plain Land.
Food is essential for your military and peasantry to eat.
A wonderful supply of food items are collected from Farms.
Vegetables and Livestock can only be produced from farms which are built on Plain Land.
Boats also bring in bushels of food.
Boats are built at Docks on the land type, Water.
Lumber is used primarily for the construction of buildings, and also sometimes towards the investment into your castle.
Lumber is gained primarily through lumberyards.
Trees grow in abundance in Forests, so build your Lumberyards there to maximize your timber inventory.
If you wish to dabble in the dark art of Magic and Wizardry, you will need the powers of Mana to do so.
Your magic spells can be used to enhance your dominion or unsettle your enemies.
Mana is generated from Tower Buildings, and these Towers and can only be built in Swamps.
Ore is used primarily in the training of certain types of troops, and sometimes for investment into your castle.
You gain ore primarily through ore mines.
Ore Mines are found only in land type, Mountain.
These are found in Diamond Mines.
Gems are used for Improvements and for castle investment.
If you want to increase your Gem output, you will need the land type, Caverns.
Boats bring in bushels of food, and the docks can reduce the number of your fleet sinking from attacks.
Docks are built at harbors, and you require the land type, Water.