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Welcome to The OpenDominion Encyclopedia!

With the brains of the OpenDominion community,
this wiki holds more information than the scribes (well not yet).
There are currently 103 articles available.

Gameplay Topics
this section is under construction

Next round is Beta Round 15, registration has been opened and will start on Thursday, 14th of November 2019 at 00:00 UTC.

Always check the #announcements channel on Discord for the latest updates.

Featured Article: My First Round

New to OpenDominion? Not sure where to start?

This guide will go over some high-level concepts of your first dominion during the round. Different playstyles, your economy, the different buildings and use cases, military and the basics of invading and more.

Read the whole guide here

The OpenDominion Encyclopedia aims to contain all the information you could possibly need for your OpenDominion needs.

If you encounter something that is inaccurate or unclear, simply register and edit. This is a wiki and not a museum; it relies on user input. All contributors are asked to read and follow the official guidelines to maintain a high standard of the articles.

If you are new to OpenDominion, a good place to start is the The Complete Newbie Guide on the old wiki, until we get our own The Complete Newbie Guide on this wiki.

Note: The wiki is currently in its early stages, and a lot of information is still missing. Feel free to contribute!

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