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Aliases: Lyc
Introduced: Round 14
Round Wins: 2
Attacker: Intermediate
Explorer: Advanced
Converter: Advanced
Alignment: Evil
Land type: Cavern
Scribes: [1]

Lycanthrope is a very fast race to play. The race is built entirely for speed. Whether playing explorer or attacker, the only chance you have of succeeding with this difficult race is to get out of the blocks as fast as you can. Lyc defensive elites are both expensive and inefficient so a large percentage of DP is made up of the cheap defensive specs. The expensiveness of the defensive elite is however somewhat overcome by the OP elite's special ability: convert. On successful invasions, some of the enemy's troops are converted into defensive elites for your army. This is, of course, only for attackers. The greatest problem for Lycs is that their offensive elite has no turtle. Late round, it is very difficult to defend against high OPs and many defensive elites are needed to send out on attacks in order to make artificial turtle.

Racial Bonuses[edit]

  • Max Population: +10%
  • Defensive Strength: +5%

Military Units[edit]

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Scavenger 3 0 325 25
Ratman 0 3 250 0
Werewolf 3 4 850 55 50% fewer casualties on defense
Garou 6 0 1100 110 Offensive elite.

Converts enemy peasants into Werewolves (up to one for every 15 sent on attack).

General information[edit]

Racial Spell[edit]

Feral Hunger: Werewolves convert enemy peasants into Werewolves (up to one for every 15 sent on attack)


  • Very fast
  • Unique defensive race bonus
  • Very good attacker
  • Can be very fast explorers


  • Inefficient DP.
  • Expensive DP elite.
  • No OP-troop turtle.
  • Do-or-die race - if you aren't ahead, you will struggle.