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New update: 0.9.0 (Github: [1])


  • Click-Through Protection!
  • You can now perform all of your protection logins at your own pace during the first three days of the round
  • You can now change your race when restarting your account during protection
  • One non-player dominion will now be added to each realm on the third day of the round
  • Added an experimental Offense and Defense Calculator!
  • Daily rankings have been reworked! Most of the existing valhalla rankings will now be recorded during the round
  • Players holding the top spot in certain rankings will now gain a new title and avatar when posting on the Global Forum!
  • New Rankings Advisor page will show all of your current standings


  • Icekin Ice Elemental: offense increased by 1 for every WPA (from +0.85 for every WPA)
  • Land loss/generation ratio changed to 90:60 (from 85:65)
  • Base defensive casualties changed to 4.05% (from 3.825)
  • Base conversion rate from casualties changed to 1.65x (from 1.75x)
  • Construction discount from lost buildings no longer stacks with the discount gained from successful attacks
  • Minimum defense increased to 5 x [Land - 150] (from 1.5 x Land)
  • Adjusted font colors in Town Crier to better show in-realm events
  • Pressing 'Enter' on the invasion page will no longer submit the form


  • Increased the size of some input fields on mobile
  • Fixed a bug where Bashers could kill Spirit/Undead
  • Fixed a bug where Clerics didn't always kill Spirit/Undead with fewer casualties tech