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Non-Player Dominions or bots are randomly generated dominions that are spawned prior to OOP to facilitate attacking since inactive dominions are virtually non-existent after adding Click-Through Protection (CTP). Since Round 23, about half of them will automatically train and explore land.

Land Size

NPDs are located in Realm 0 'The Graveyard' along with inactive dominions that have not left protection. NPDs spawn at a human to bot ratio of ~1.74:1.

NPD Distribution
Land Size Percentage of NPDs
525-600 30%
451-525 50%
400-450 20%


NPDs spawn with defense based on this formula 120 * exp(0.0058 * [Total Land]) multiplied by a random factor. The random factor for ~85% of NPDs is +/- 10%, but for the remaining ~15% it is +15-20%. Dominions on the lower end of the spectrum will spawn with a random amount of offensive specialists to mask the increased networth of those on the higher end. Every NPD will have an additional 20-35% defense incoming during the first 12 hours.

NPD Defense
Land Size Base Defense Low Range (85%) High Range (15%)
400 1221 1099-1343 1404-1465
425 1412 1271-1553 1624-1694
450 1632 1469-1795 1877-1958
475 1887 1698-2076 2170-2264
500 2181 1963-2399 2508-2617
525 2521 2269-2773 2899-3025
550 2915 2624-3207 3352-3498
575 3369 3032-3706 3874-4043
600 3895 3506-4285 4479-4674


On average, 50% of NPDs will begin to perform actions starting a few hours after OOP. Those that are inactive will remain inactive for the duration of the round. Each has a 1/3 chance of 'logging in' each hour. They will build barren acres, cast spells, train defense, train spies/wizards to a 0.05 ratio, and explore. They will cast their spells any time they drop below 4 hours remaining, therefore it is rare that they drop off, but not impossible. If they recast, it is within the first minute or so of the hour. Each NPD is limited to exploring 18 acres in a single hour and between 72-89 over a twelve hour period. NPDs will train defense up to the following formula, which is then increased by 2% each time they are successfully invaded.

Post-OOP DPA Formula

(-0.0181 * [DaysAsFraction]^2)) + (2.5797 * [DaysAsFraction]) - 4.1725

Additional DPA to phase out over first 10 days

max(0, 5 - [DaysAsFraction]/2)